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Is it really used interchangeably with zine? My impression is that the term "fanbook" is more likely to be used for a one-off hardcover or perfect-bound book, and if its creator labeled it a fanbook, they don't refer to it as a "zine". I feel like on Fanlore we have a tendency to lump too many print objects under "zine" in a way that doesn't reflect how the original communities described them. Unfortunately, I'm not in any of these communities, so I can't be sure. Basically, I've seen a few pictures of fanart books cross my tumblr dash (The Sterek Book, and something made for Gerard Way this year), and they weren't called zines. Maybe the terms were interchangeable during zine fandom's heyday?--aethel (talk) 18:33, 9 December 2017 (UTC)