Sycophant Hex

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Name: Sycophant Hex
Date(s): c. 2003 - present
Type: fanfiction and fanart archive
Fandom: Harry Potter
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Sycophant Hex is a Harry Potter fanfiction website. It is composed of five themed archives, one of which accepts original fiction fanfiction from other fandoms. The archives are:

Three previous separate archives that later merged into Lumos[1] are:

All Sycophant Hex archives require members to register to post fic and to read fic that have higher than a G rating. Members are required to be 18 or older to register.


  1. ^ On August 23, 2008, on all the archives, it was announced that the Burrow, Pureblood, and Wolfsbane would all merge into Lumos archive on October 1, 2008. They were combined to "reduce the time and effort needed to sustain our multiple-archive system". The Burrow at Wayback