Still Life (Starsky & Hutch archive)

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Name: Still Life
Date(s): January 2009 - present
Archivist: Enednoviel and Sonja T.
Founder: Enednoviel and Sonja T.
Type: artwork
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
URL: (offline); link to archived version of artist's pages
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Still Life is a Starsky & Hutch fanart archive created by Enednoviel and Sonja T. to make it easier to find S&H art. The archivists explain:

When you want to read a piece of fanfic or search for a certain story, where do you go? Naturally to a fanfic archive where you can find tons of stories by various authors. And if what you are looking for isn't there, you go to a different archive.

But what about artwork? When you go looking for a specific piece of art you can't just go search for it in an artwork archive. Because there is none.

And to correct this oversight, the idea for this site was born. To make sure that you have an archive you can go to first when you want to find an artwork you've been looking for or been wanting to see again. This is it, and we hope you'll enjoy your stay here and find what you've been looking for.[1]

While the site accepts both gen and slash art, only the gen works are publicly available. The slash part of the site is password protected; to gain access, viewers contact Enednoviel for a password. Artwork on the site is watermarked to protect the artists; viewers are encouraged to contact the artists directly if they want a completely clear image.

The site went offline some time in 2013.


As of November 2012, the gen side of the site hosts art by eight artists, in mediums ranging from pencil to charcoal to oil to digital. Gen artists include:


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