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Title: Starbird
Publisher: The Little Fragment Press
Editor(s): Donna Hutt and Dave Yeager
Date(s): June 1980
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia & Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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front cover
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Starbird is a gen Star Trek: TOS and non-Trek anthology of fiction with about 250 pages.

  • Art Credits (2)
  • Editorials (3)
  • Second Encounter by Ann Kennedy (5)
  • It is Time, poem by T'Ling (9)
  • Pastel by Donna Hutt (10)
  • The Star Roamer, poem by Delaineh (18)
  • The Last Goodbye by Patricia A. Long (19)
  • A Shadowed Reality, poem by Deborah P. Anderson (22)
  • Not in Your Wildest Dreams by Mary and Susan Hines (23)
  • Demon in the Depths, poem by Deborah P. Anderson (44)
  • Dark Shadows: An Introduction by Kathy Resch (45)
  • The Giving by Kathy Resch--During the 1840 flashback, Lamar Trask imprisoned Barnabas Collins in the cellar of his mortuary, and he is rescued by Julia and Angelique. (47) (Dark Shadows) (reprinted from The World of Dark Shadows #10)
  • The Coversation by The Lonely Trekker (54)
  • Boy, Am I in a Lot of Tribble! by Carl Lamb, Chuck Raue and Donna Hutt (56)
  • Chekov's Dreams, filk by Mary and Susan Hines (66)
  • The Blue Sleep by Annmarie Kuliga (68) (original fic)
  • Broken Patterns, poem by Deborah P. Anderson (88)
  • Enter the Star Roamer by Donna Hutt (89)
  • Dance, Jen'nis, Dance, poem by Donna Hutt (111)
  • Mistletoe and Holly by Marjorie Robbins (112)
  • Requiem for Rayna, poem by Deborah P. Anderson (125)
  • Deadly Deception by R. Arthur Becker (126) (note: this story was originally going to appear in a proposed zine called, Trekanalia)
  • The Ward, poem by Delaineh (135)
  • Movies by David M. Yeager--Review of Star Trek: the Motion Picture. (136)
  • You Have to Start Somewhere by Gail Pittaway (137)
  • Moon Lullaby by Katherine M. Ozbirn (140)
  • It Brings Many Changes by Paul Gadzikowski--What happens to Henry Blake after he was killed in the plane on his way home. M*A*S*H/Good Heavens (142) (reprinted from Southern Star #3)
  • For Hawkeye/Of Course People Leave, poem by Delaineh (MASH) (164)
  • Writing Contest (165)
  • The Nightmare Child by Donna Hutt--A runaway dogs the heels of Dr. David Banner and he discovers he will have to find a safe haven to get rid of her for good. But who's looking out for who? (Incredible Hulk) (170)
  • His Time to Come Home by Donna Hutt (Incredible Hulk) (214)
  • A Moment's Silence, poem by Deborah P. Anderson (217)
  • A Matter of MacBeth by Deborah P. Anderson (218)
  • A Selection of Costume Designs by Donna Hutt--Art. (220)
  • Labyrinth by Teri White (Star Trek: TOS) (note: this story was originally going to appear in "Trekanalia," and was described by the editor (Hutt) as K/S (which referred to a a relationship story)) (229)
  • Protest, poem by Deborah P. Anderson (237)
  • The Nephew by Donna Hutt (238)