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Title: A Star Wars Bibliography
Editor(s): Lita Sheldon
Type: annotated bibliography
Date(s): February 1980, revised in April 1987
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
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A Star Wars Bibliography was compiled by Lita Sheldon.

There are two issues.

The first was published in 1980 and is an 160-page annotated listing of magazine and newspaper articles, books, recording, scores, scholarly papers and some fanzines related to Star Wars.

The second version was published in 1987 is updated. But while there is more information, it contains only 78 pages. This is because, due to cost and space, it does not include the annotations but is instead a simple listing line-by-line of these sources.

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Editorial from the 1987 Issue:

front cover of the 1987 edition

Hello There!

This bibliography was compiled especially for fans of STAR WARS, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and RETURN OF THE JEDI. It represents One fan's collection of magazine and newspaper articles, books, audio and video recordings, scholarly papers and fan publications about these films. Citations are listed twice. The first is a listing by SUBJECT, and within each subject grouping, in chronological order. The second listing is a CHECKLIST, where citations are grouped by formats, and within each format, by title.

This bibliography includes citations found in the February 1980 edition of A STAR WARS BIBLIOGRAPHY. Limitations of time and money have forced this edition to be a simple listing, with no annotations. The 1980 bibliography listed 410 citations; this edition includes 1896 citations. This STAR WARS bibliography is not claimed to be comprehensive.

Rather, it is offered as representing one fan's collection, to be shared with other fans. It is hoped that other fans will compile and publish lists of their own collections. I hope you find this bibliography useful.

Author's Notes from the 1987 Issue

An excerpt, this one on the focus of fanworks:

I am amazed at the creativity of STAR WARS fanzines' editors and contributors. My favorite 'zines (in no particular order) include Lisa Adolf's LANDSPEEDER; Tracy and Nancy Duncan's AGAINST THE SITH; Karen Osman's IMPERIAL ENTANGLEMENTS; Carolyn Frodsham's SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF THE FORCE; Bev Clark's SKYWALKER; Skyer Walker's STAR WARS ENCYCLOPEDIA; Pat Grant's EXECUTOR LOGS; Laurie Haldeman's SCUM AND VILLAINY (the first fanzine I ever owned); Tim Eldred's LIGHTSPEED; Deborah Eve Rubin's MOS EISLEY CHRONICLES; Judith Low's THE PRINCESS TAPES; Janice Sidwell's MOS EISLEY TRIBUNE; Jani Hick's TWIN SUNS, plus several others which I can't think of at the moment. Lisa Cowan does a great job keeping Hamill fans up-to-date with her newsletter ON THE MARK; Harrison Ford fans must obtain Elyse Dickenson's HARRISON FORD FILMOGRAPHY.

I am a fan of STAR WARS but it has not overwhelmed my life. Rather, STAR WARS is a hobby that has taken over my bookshelves My fanzine collection rests on five yards of shelving.

Eventually I hope to donate my collection to some college library (if one will have it). I am not collecting because I think all this will be valuable some day -- I just like to read about these films.

Contents: 1987 Issue

  • Hello There! (2)
  • Dedication (2)
  • Acknowledgements (3)
  • About This Bibliography (4)
  • List of Subject Headings (5)
  • Explanation of Column Headings (6)
  • Note on Abbreviations (6)
  • Subject Listing (7)
  • Checklist (37)
  • List of Sources (64)
  • Other Items of Note (73)
  • Editor's Notes (76)

Reactions and Reviews: 1980 Issue

This is a highly useful reference work for anyone involved in Star Wars fandom, and represents a truly mind-boggling amoung of labor. The editor lists three pages of libraries and other reference sources with the help of which she tracked down a vast number of reviews, articles, recordings, and other mentions of the films and characters. Most of the entries are from mundane publications, and many are carefully cross-referenced under theme or subject as well as type of article, but there is also a fairly comprehensive listing of fanzines (no reviews or descriptions) . Although this is simply an unassuming computer printout, and has no pretense of beauty or stylish presentation, it accomplishes what it sets out to do--give the reader a thorough overview of the available commentary on Star Wars. It is an indispensable aid to anyone trying to find a particular reference or a particular kind of commentary on the movies, and belongs in every fan's library. The editor provides periodic updates of information, and is currently working on a comprehensive listing of fanzine contents to be released in the near future. I recommend this zine highly. [1]

Inside Page Sample from 1987


  1. from Jundland Wastes #8