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"You may be looking for The Star Wars Bibliography of Stories, a zine by Judy Yuenger & Ming Wathne, or Star Wars Bibliography by Lita Sheldon."

Title: A Star Wars Fanzine Index
Editor(s): Lita Sheldon
Type: annotated bibliography
Date(s): 1982
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
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A Star Wars Fanzine Index was compiled by Lita Sheldon and is an 125-page listing of fanzines related to Star Wars. It has listings for 121 volumes/49 titles for fanzines related to Star Wars published between June 1977 and April 1980 (before TESB). This was volume one, and while the compiler was reported to have been working on a second volume, but it is unclear if it was ever completed.

This zine has a sister zine focusing on articles and reviews about Star Wars from mundane sources: Star Wars Bibliography.

Reactions and Reviews

"This is a must for any SWars collector. For several years, Lita Sheldon has occasionally sent me a marvelous computer printout of fanzines in her collection, this contains not only that updated printout, but a listing of articles and just about everything else that was ever produced for on paper regarding Star Wars. There are just under 1900 separate citations in the listing broken up into numerous headings and cross reference by subjects, topics, publications dates, alphabetically and so forth. The sections listing articles on the individual stars will send you hunting periodicals at the library with a fistful of quarters. There are few missing citations of gaps in her article listings and the explanatory material such as "Items of Note" and "Editor's Notes" are extremely useful and the "List of Sources" puts you in touch with people and publications listed. This a a reference work of incredible value to SWars fandom, and we all owe Lita a vote of thanks for all the computer time let alone the research. I repeat --a must for collectors." [1]
"I'm extremely impressed by this fannish reference book. Lita Sheldon has compiled the most exhaustive index to any class of fanzines that I've ever seen. As such, it's an invaluable guide to any fan of SW who wants to find every issue of a certain zine, every story by a particular author, every bit of fan-produced material devoted to his/her favorite SW character. Lita programmed her computer to organize the complete contents of every SW-related zine she owns which was produced between June of 1977 and April of 1980. (She's now working on one for zines between May '80 and December '81, Which she says may be available in September '82.) After acknowledgements and an introduction, Lita explains very clearly and concisely the terminology she uses in index under her six subject headings: Author, Title, Fanzine, Pages, Universe, and Type or Subject. Then she cross-references the articles under the subject headings by Author, Title, and Type of Subject. (This may sound a little confusing, but it's very easy to understand when you've got the index in front of you.) Lita leaves out no author, no poet, no artist whose work appeared in the zines covered. (There's even an entry for 'Solo, Han' as an author!), and lists every type of article from fan novel to review to poem to crossword puzzle. There are five appendices included: Fanzines by date of publication, edltor, and press, and lists of fanzine dedications and addresses. I really must express gratitude to Lita for this monumental effort and encourage her in being nutty , enough to do a Volume Two. I recommend the Index particularly to those who want to know every nitty-gritty imaginable statistic about STAR WARS fanzine (For instance, how many Han Solo have been published In the lndexed zines? The answer amazed even myself.) I'm also sure it will be a premier reference tool for some future graduate student who does his or her Ph.D. dissertation SW fandom... and you can bet there will be someone!" [2]


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