Standard Orbit

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Title: Standard Orbit
Publisher: out of Grandview, MO
Editor(s): Cheryl J. Shelton
Date(s): 1980
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover of issue #10

Standard Orbit is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology of fiction, games, poems, cartoons, art, and articles. It was issued quarterly. There are at least 12 issues, each containing 30-50 pages. It was part xerox, part mimeo.

It is a sister zine to Orbit.

Issue 1

Standard Orbit 1 was published in 1980.

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 7

Issue 8

Issue 9

Issue 10

Standard Orbit 10 was published in April/May/June 1981. It has 8 stories, plus poems, games, cartoons, articles, and art. "Stories where Kirk and secruity officers, Lemli and Shea, are led to the mountain fortress of the coridanites while McCoy and Spock try to find them and avoid capture by Orc-like creatures; where a captured Romulan must deal with his memories as he slowly dies; where Rand saves McCoy, Chapel, and Uhura from a slew-eyed creature; where a young 20th century woman's immediate past is Dr. McCoy's next case; and others. Art by Becky Morton, Melody Rondeau, Lana Fahey, One Edmonds, Keith Shelton, and others." -- from an ad in Datazine #13

Issue 11

Standard Orbit 11 was published in August/September/October 1981. "ST zine featuring 'The Frogga Peoples,' Spock and a young scientist are stranded on a planet without hope of rescue. 'The Human Factor,' a poem by Patting Hall, 'The View Finder,' what various actors in the series have been doing lately. Cartoon and comments on where the new movie is going. LoCs, word games and jobs available on a starship. 'Stranded' by Frank Logan, as he begins to enter pon farr, Spock is abducted by a woman pirate and her crew, then released on a planet chosen to hostile to the vegetarian Vulcan, all intelligent life is vegetarian, lower life is animal. Illustrated by Gennie Summers. Cover by Vel Jaeger." -- from an ad in Datazine #16

Issue 12