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Name: Stained Glass
Owner/Maintainer: Malika 2002
Dates: ?-2004
Fandom: multifandom
Stained glass.jpg
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Stained Glass is a "haven for all fics of all types". The site is hosted by Angelfire. It was last updated in November 2004. The site hosts Malika's own stories and those by other authors. It has a link section with links to other fanfiction sites.

From the about page:
The creation of stained glass began almost fives years ago with the beginning of my first site Malaca's Anime Fanfiction Corner. Well that site was a bomb, mostly because I had no idea what the fuck I was doing. After a few years of struggling with maintaining the site purely by guesswork I scraped the site with no ambitions to start a new one. Until that is I got a rather belated gift of Namo Webeditior. I loved the format so much that I remembered the original reason I started the old site, so that people can have a voice unchained by many of the rules and regulations of some of the other archive sites. While not as large as I have ambitions to be, stained glass was created with this enviroment in mind. Censorship and rules are not your friend. So feel free to e-mail anything...for posting.

Fandoms include: Andromeda Slash, Angel Slash, Beastmaster Slash, Batman Slash, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Slash, Dogma Slash, Fast and the Furious Slash, Harry Potter Slash, Hercules Slash, Lord of the Rings Slash, Pirates of the Caribbean Slash, Star Wars Slash, Xena Slash, DragonballZ Yaoi, Gundam Wing Yaoi, Ronin Warriors Yaoi, DragonballZ Het, Gundam Wing Het, Ronin Warriors Het.