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Name: Spuffy Awards
Date(s): 2003 - ?
Associated Community:
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series
URL: http://spuffyawards.jaded-paradise.net/
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Spuffy Awards was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer awards site that focused on rewarding fanfiction produced for the pairing of Spike/Buffy. It was also created with the aim of highlighting fantasy fanfiction in this pairing. In this case, fantasy fanfiction referred to AU fics pairing a human Spike and a human Buffy. At the time, All Human AUs were rare in fandom, and some awards and archives intentionally disallowed Human AU fics.


Spuffy Awards first came online January '03 when Nikita, decided to make an award site. Not just any award site. She wanted an award site dedicated to her obsession for Spuffy fanfiction, in particular Fantasy Spuffy fanfiction. She wanted to recognize the talent that lies in this particular genre of fanfiction. While there are several wonderful award sites dedicated to the Buffyverse, ranging from site awards to fanfiction to shipper fanfic awards, there aren't many, if any, dedicated to fantasy, save for the usual 'Best AU' category. It was Nikita's ambition to change that, thus she created a separate award categories for fantasy and general genres.

In the 2 first rounds of Spuffy Awards, awards were handed out solely based on public vote. Before Round 3, Nikita sought out helpers and Yani was one of the kind people who offered, not only to help with updates and vote-counting, but also to initiate a new phase for Spuffy Awards. Round 3 was the very first round that had Judge's Choice awards.

Since then, many changes have happened both in fandom and in Nikita and Yani's personal lives, which at times prevented them from dedicating the necessary amount of time to Spuffy Awards. At the moment, Yani runs the site and since Round 7, the very kind Holly has stepped in as Spuffy Awards' graphics-maker, thus allowing the site to continue chugging along. Even though at times the site may seem very inactive, updates slow, and whatnot, the site won't be closing any time soon. As long as interests abounds for this very intriguing 'ship, Spuffy Awards will stick around for another round.

As of January 2006, Spuffy Awards will be celebrating its 3 year anniversary. If that doesn't prove we'll be around for a while, who knows what will. [1]



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