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Name: Autumn
Alias(es): Spilling-Tea, tum.draws
Type: Fan Artist
Fandoms: Avatar: The Last Airbender, IT
Autumn's Tumblr icon, featuring Aang.
URL: tum.draws, on Instagram, Spilling-Tea, Archived version on Tumblr
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Fan History

Index of Works



beep beep, Archived version Date: 03 December 2017Length: 3 piecesGenre: Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Hugging, Richie Tozier Wears Button Ups
(CW: Self-Esteem Issues) (inspired by @GoldLarryStylinson‘s post[Dead link]) (Reddie)
link, Archived version Date: 04 December 2017Length: 540px × 429pxStatus: CompleteGenre: Prom
oof the losers look snazzy
link, Archived version Date: 02 December 2017Length: 1,280px × 872pxStatus: CompleteGenre: Hand Holding, Horror
yowza (The Losers Club & Georgie Denbrough)
link, Archived version Date: 06 December 2017Length: 6Status: CompleteGenre: Eddie Kaspbrak's Shorts, Eddie Kaspbrak Joins Track, Ripped Jeans
(CW: Substance Use) I often think about how Eddie is good at running but he was held back. I’m sure he would go out for track if his mom let him, so here’s a little drawin +bonus richie
link, Archived version Date: 09 December 2017Length: 4Status: CompleteGenre: Dancing, Eddie Kaspbrak's Shorts
For some reason i keep getting the thought that eddie would be a dancer if he could,,, oh and here some bill doodles too because i love himm
link, Archived version Date: 10 December 2017Length: 540px × 387pxGenre: Eddie Kaspbrak's Shorts, Flirting, Incorrect Quotes: Pitch Perfect, Richie Tozier Wears Button Ups
oof. Based off @HallmarkHanlon‘s (now Chaew0nho) post, Archived version (Reddie)
lol i drew it,,, reddie beckoned for me, Archived version Date: 26 December 2017Length: 3Genre: Dancing, Meme, Neediness
Tea-Cherry: someone draw this[Dead link] with reddie
link, Archived version[1] Date: 31 December 2017Length: 3 piecesGenre: Eddie Kaspbrak's Fannypack, Holidays, Richie Tozier Wears Button Ups
not enough new years reddie content, so i had to make my own
link, Archived version Date: 28 January 2018Length: 1,280px × 720pxStatus: CompleteGenre: Swimming
Made a lil illustration of the losers swimming around :) (Benverly, Bill Denbrough & Reddie)