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You may be looking for information about the trope, Soulbond.

Title: Soul Bonds
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Author(s): Shorts
Cover Artist(s): Geli
Date(s): 1999
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Fandom: The Sentinel/Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
Language: English
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cover by Geli

Soul Bonds is a 170-page slash The Sentinel/Kung Fu: The Legend Continues novel by Shorts.

It has a sequel, Soul Trials.

Summary: "Kermit Griffin and Peter Caine of KF:TLC meet up with Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg. Secrets are exposed while passion flares."

Reactions and Reviews

Holy cow, I think I love Shorts! LOL! Damn but this was good! My only regret is that I didn't make sure I had Soul Trials in my hot little hands before I started! I read straight through and now I have to actually wait 'til Soul Trials arrives. Damn! Although it may enhance your reading pleasure if you know something about KF:TLC, I don't think it's essential that you are familiar with it. I've only heard of it. Other than the illos on the cover of this 'zine, I don't even know what Kermit and Peter look like! Yet, I didn't feel like I was missing a thing. Shorts introduced them well and gave us enough background information that it was easy to know and love them. If it bothers you to read a crossover without knowing anything about the other fandom, it works well to pretend they are original characters. They are for me, anyway. This is a post-TSbyBS story. Jim and Blair are barely dealing with the fallout from Blair's press conference. Just as things appear to be calming down, their relationship is made public. Peter and Kermit have just basically "come out" and are setting out on vacation in hopes the news over their relationship will have died down by the time they return. They set out, with no goal in mind, and end up in Cascade, much to Kermit's discomfort as some painful past history resides there. Peter, being just as much of a trouble magnet as Blair, gets caught in the middle of a hold-up. There the four guys meet up with each other and Jim and Kermit re-unite. The rest, as they say, is history. Jim's past comes back to haunt him in the form of a rogue, ex-military man who kidnaps him with the goal of exploiting his Sentinel abilities for personal gain. There is a little angst for all the guys as well as hospital-worthy owies for Blair and Peter. Somehow Shorts takes a theme, i.e. foursomes, which I'm not in real-life convinced will work long-term and makes it a beautiful, natural thing for these four individuals. Hey, I've got no problem suspending my beliefs if an author can make that happen! And just like Bast with the Kix series, Shorts is able to make me believe in this relationship.

WARNINGS: pairings: Jim/Blair/Kermit/Peter. J/o (briefly, no nudity, and Jim was asleep! LOL! It's painless, really!).

SQUICK WARNINGS: I'm trying to remember as I read, these days, to note things I've seen people mention on the lists as being squicks. I don't happen to find the following bothersome at all and quite like some of them, but to each his or her own!

Frequent usage of "love-names". i.e. Blairheart, Jimlove, Fuzzy Bear (hee)

I'll make the same comments here as I made for her other 'zines: Shorts doesn't mind career changes for our guys nor does it seem unreasonable that everyone is gay! :-)

And lastly, there's the foursome factor. If that's a squick, well you don't want to venture forth. :-)

So that's it. A wonderful 'zine. It is complete and fulfilling in itself, though there's a mild tease at the end that I hope is explored in Soul Trials. My only "problem" with the 'zine is they seemed to have excessive amounts of sex! LOL! But damn hot sex, so I guess that's okay! [1]

Don't let the Kung Fu crossover scare you off -- you don't need to be a Kung Fu fan to understand what's going on, or who the guys are. I knew only that Kermit was a mysterious guy/ex-CIA agent-type, who worked on the tv show (I didn't even know if he was a cop or not). And I knew what Chris Potter looked like (the actor who plays Peter Caine). That was it. :) The author gives plenty of info, all you'd need. I assume if I were a big KF fan, there'd be nuances or references that'd be great, but I didn't find anything missing when I read it. As for me, I liked both of these novels! I like non-traditional relationships (3 ways are good, these are a 4-way), I like to meet other characters/couples (we meet Peter Caine and Kermit Someone-or-other from Kung Fu: The Legend Continues), I like insights into Jim's past (Jim and Kermit are old lovers). These novels actually do feel much like two chapters of one long piece (from what I recall -- I read Soul Bonds over a year ago!). It had plot, it had sex, it had mysticism. Oh yeah, and Geli's art was wonderful, too! So, if you get some extra money, go for it! They're fast, fun reads -- no big, introspective angst, just lots of action. I really like those. Not enough of them, in my opinion. Kinda reminds me of Yvonne's style. And the nice layout is cool to have. [2]


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