Society for Trekkian Philosophers

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Fan Club
Name: Society for Trekkian Philosophers
Founder(s): James T. Crawford?
Country based in: out of the Cincinnati area
Focus: Star Trek: TOS, science fiction
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is a Star Trek: TOS and science fiction fan club. It was formally the club Outpost Two.

an undated letter from the club president

In early 1980, there were 19 members (12 female, 7 male).


From a 1980 ad in The Clipper Trade Ship #28:
SOCIETY FOR TREKKIAN PHILOSOPHERS. An organization devoted to the examination of Star Trek and science fiction, with an emphasis on improving our daily lives. UNIVERSAL UNDERSTANDING is the club fanzine, and contains Star Trek articles, plus materials on science fact, philosophy, reviews, fiction, & poetry. Fanzine is 50 pp,, $3 through the mail. Send SASE if interested in joining. No membership dues. This is the organization for those who appreciate Star Trek and science fiction on more than one level. Peace, live long, and prosper... Send SASE for a list of Society items for sale.
In the first issue of the club's zine, Universal Understanding, Crawford writes of Trekkies and terminology, and the purpose of the fan club:

The term "Trekkie" is often used to make fun of Star Trek fans, attempting to picture them as juvenile science fiction groupies. The term "Trekker" is somewhat better, but still bears too much resemblance to "Trekkie" to be acceptable. Thus, the term "Trekkerian" has arisen to indicate those individuals seriously into Star Trek, not only on the level of a quality science-fiction program, but as an approach to life, a philosophy that all individuals can benefit from studying. The principles of IDIC, of the Prime Directive, the message of hope and love seen throughout the series can, if applied to our own lives, enrich them enormously.

UNIVERSAL UNDERSTANDING is a fanzine that will attempt to help us achieve the goal of applying the best of Star Trek to our own lives. We will examine various elements of science fiction, and also science fact, as science-fact is essential to quality, believable science fiction. We will explore Star Trek in depth, examining each episode, attempting to distill from it the qualities that have caused Star Trek to become one of the most discussed- and most successful, of all science fiction series ever. We will also examine philosophy in general, and attempt to develop an approach incorporating the best principles of Star Trek that will enable us to live our lives with a greater inner peace and outer satisfaction.

It is appropriate that, as the new movie moves through its first few months of existence, a new approach in fanzines be initiated, and UNIVERSAL UNDERSTANDING is that approach.

Any member of the SOCIETY FOR THEKKERIAN PHILOSOPHERS is welcome to submit poetry, artwork, or articles to the society headquarters. All materials are welcome. It is especially important that all of us, instead of sitting in our homes, hoarding our love and knowledge of the show as so many people do, share our ideas and our experiences with other society members. We shall all benefit. Peace, live long and prosper.