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Newsletter Community
Name: The Snape/Lupin Ship Newsletter
Date(s): Created on 2005-08-12; last updated December 2010
Moderator: scribbulus_ink
Founder: scribbulus_ink
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: Snupin Prophet on LJ; on DW; on IJ

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The Snupin Prophet or The Snape/Lupin Ship Newsletter was a newsletter in the Harry Potter fandom, focusing on the Snape/Lupin pairing. It was founded and run by scribbulus_ink, with assistance from bonfoi and lore. It was mirrored on Livejournal, Dreamwidth and Insanejournal.

From the profile:

a weekly newsletter featuring links to Snape/Lupin stories, art, icons, essays, fan vids and more -- anything and everything related to Snupin. ...

This is not a fanfiction recs list; it's meant to be as comprehensive as possible newsletter of what's current in the Snape/Lupin pairing. If you submit news, please make certain it's recent, posted within a week or so of the current S_P issue; in other words, a story posted six months ago isn't eligible for inclusion.

Newsworthy items include (but aren't limited to) stories (including WsIP and updates of same, although they must be labeled as WsIP when submitted for inclusion), art, icons, essays, vids, announcement of new Snape/Lupin-centric RPGs, banners, discussions, questions, or rec lists. Basically as long as it focuses on Snape/Lupin, I want it!

The last issue appeared in December 2010.