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Name: Smallville Fan Fiction Webring
Date Founded: Created 08/15/2002
Fandom: Smallville
Focus: fanfiction
URL: svfanfic Webring Hub

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Smallville Fan Fiction Webring was a webring for Smallville fanfiction websites.

Member Sites

Meret's Smallville Site - Smallville fan fiction and Clexy captions

ljc's smallville fan fiction - SV fanfic by Tara O'Shea

Destiny's Price - My Smallville, Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan fiction site. A few fics and lots of recs.

Probable Impossibilities - Azar's newly relocated and revamped multifandom fanfic site, part of Ink and Quill. Favorite Smallville subjects include crossovers, Lex/Lana, Jonathan/Martha, and incorporating characters from other versions of the Superman mythos, like Lois Lane, Supergirl, etc.

Lexclusive - A site centered around Lex, containting fanfic, screencaps and lots of other goodies. The ClexFest is also situated here.

Storyville - A fanfiction archive for the televison show Smallville.

Every Story has a begining - A Clark and Lana fanfic site

Breaking the Glass Box - Assorted fanfic: Smallville, X-Files, Buffy, etc. A lot of slash, some het, some humor, some angst...

Kitty's House of Pleasure... and Pain - Kitty's fanfic - Smallville-centric of late. Slash, some gen, a lot of H/C.

Leaves of Grass - My Personal Smallville fanfiction site.

Hazardous - The largest Lex/Lana fan fic archive on the web!

one red hot mama: a martha kent archive - Fan fiction with Martha at its heart.

Raptures and Roses - Smallville fan fiction site featuring mostly CLex-centric slash but also some het and various.

Liquid Surrealism - MeLi's CLex fan fiction and reccomendations.

Smallville Challenges - For writers looking for a muse or challenge or for writers looking for other writers to answer their challenges, this site keeps track of fanfic challenges issued in Smallville fandom. This site's entries are also available at LiveJournal at

Tall Tales - Smallville fan fiction archive.

Enter Smallville - Pilipinas - Your ultimate web source for everything Smallville. Offers the latest news, cast and character info, episode transcripts, fan fiction, downloads, quotes, music guide and information, trivia, chat and a lot, lot more. Updated regularly![1]


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