Sisters in Smut Interview with Xanthe

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Sisters in Smut Interview with Xanthe
Interviewee: Xanthe
Date(s): 2001
Medium: online
Fandom(s): The X-Files
External Links: Sisters in Smut Interview with Xanthe, Archived version
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Sisters in Smut Interview with Xanthe was conducted in 2001.

It was part of a large project conducted by members of the Sisters in Smut archive, an X-Files archive with a focus on the character Walter Skinner. See Sisters in Smut Interview Project.


Nom de Plume ( please tell us what inspired it )

Xanthe. Hmmm, I dunno. It was one of those things that just was *there* in my head for no reason! When I came to put a pen name to my first story it just popped into my head so I went with it. I could have searched around for ages for the right name and not come up with anything as apt. I liked the "X" for X Files, and the "anth" from the middle of my real name, Samantha, with the "e" rounding it all off (the e is pronounced! It's said Zanthee although some people have read it as Zanth!)

What was your first experience with fanfic?

I was surfing the web looking for inspiration for my business website when, feeling thoroughly bored, I decided to type in "Star Trek: Voyager" which was a show I was very into at the time. Up came "The Secret Logs of Mistress Janeway" and after that it's safe to say I was hooked!

What was your first encounter with X-Files fanfic?

After finding the "Voyager" fanfic, I knew what I really wanted to find was "X Files" fanfic. I don't know why as "Voyager" was my favourite show at the time but I didn't really read any of the fanfic, I just searched for "X Files" stuff because I knew that was what I wanted to read. I started out reading MSR because that's what I *found* but I really didn't enjoy it much so I was delighted to stumble upon Skinnerotica! I knew that Skinner was the man I wanted to read about!

How long have you been a fan of the show?

When it began I didn't watch it because I'm a big wuss and I thought it would scare me! But then two people told me I *had* to start watching it so I did. I enjoyed it but didn't really become a *fan* until "Redux" when I just fell head over heels in love with Skinner. I'd noticed him before but in that ep he was so lovely and Mulder and Scully didn't trust him and it was so sad when he was trying to be their friend!

What made you into a Skinneroticist?

That scene where Skinner turns up at Mulder's apartment and Scully opens the door and he's all beaten and bloody and she looks *so* impressed and asks him how he got the information he's given to her and he just growls "unofficial channels." Sigh! Swoon! The man has the most amazing body and Scully would have to be crazy not to want to jump those bones! And it has to be said that the only time Scully has voluntarily kissed *anyone* with great passion was in Triangle, in a certain elevator....and boy was that one very surprised AD!

Then there's the way that man *moves*. He's like a beautiful, prowling panther. I love the way his butt kind of sticks out, all biteable, under those woollen pants I've practically fetishised those crisp white shirts he wears - oh boy he looks great in those. What an amazing pair of shoulders! He really wears a formal suit well. Then there's his lovely dark eyes, so expressive behind the wirerims - Mitch does a wonderful job showing what's going on in the man's soul just through those haunted eyes. And I love bald men. I really want to smother that head with kisses. It's beautiful! I like his long legs too!

What are your top five all-time favorite stories?

I'm listing Skinnerotic stories. I have other slashy ones that I love too, but these are my SIS favourites (not including my own! LOL!). I like loads more than this but if I had to choose 5...

"Oh, Mistress Mine" by Sergeeva

"My Tape Runneth Over" by A Manley Haight

"A Little Light Reading" by mlb

"Skinner's Bathroom" by Twisted Sister

"Morning Glow" by Batela

When did you start writing?

When I found fanfic on the net in March 1998 I read it solidly for about two weeks. Then I sat down and started to write it. And I haven't stopped since!

What was the first X-files/Skinner story that you wrote and what inspired it?

The first one was a really bad post-"Redux" threesome that has never been posted anywhere and is still languishing on my hard drive. I seem to recall that flying frogs featured strongly which is a good reason for it not seeing the light of day! The next stories I wrote, and I'm not sure what order they were in, were "A Question of Trust" and "Role Play". "Role Play" is mostly slash, but "A Question of Trust" is my first Skinner/Scully. I'm still very fond of it! I was inspired to write "A Question of Trust" by Scully's insistence in "Redux" that Skinner was "dirty". I wanted to howl and yell! I mean how much *more* does the poor guy have to do to show he's trustworthy! I'm very "ambidextrous" in that as far as I'm concerned a story can be about Skinner with *anybody*, male or female, or more than one person - I just want to show Skinner being lusted after, looked after, adored, kissed, trusted etc, etc, etc!

Do you write for other fandoms? Which ones?

No. I feel I spend too much time writing for this one! If I wasn't writing XF then I would be writing my own original characters.

How do you feel about fanfic in general?

I have a love/hate relationship with it. I really enjoy writing it but it does take up a lot of time. When I'm in a good mood I love it, but sometimes, when I'm tired or depressed, I resent it. I love all the friends I've made through it though. There is some excellent stuff out there. Then again, nothing depresses me more than to read Walter written wrongly - whether by fanfic writers or CC himself. Sigh. Season 8 Walter has been a big disappointment to me. His issues haven't been addressed at all in the rush to establish Doggett as the new golden boy, and his personality seems muted. What happened to bullish "This is where you pucker up and kiss my ass" Skinner, or the more gentle, wise "Every life, every day is in danger. That's just life" Skinner? I miss both of them. These days he seems to just exist to look puzzled and make Doggett or Mulder look good by comparison. The writers seem to have forgotten that he's an AD of the FBI for god's sake! He isn't stupid - he's pretty smart! I'll never forgive CC for just *ignoring* the nanocyte plotline for so long. That and not having had Skinner take his shirt off again recently ;