Siriusly Smiling

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Album Title: Siriusly Smiling
Producer: Jarrod Perkins
Type: compilation
Date: 05 October 2008
Medium: digital
Fandom: Harry Potter
Performer(s): various
Other: charity album to benefit the NFFR
External Links: Siriusly Smiling on Myspace
Siriusly Smiling on iTunes
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Siriusly Smiling is a wizard rock compilation album released to raise money for the National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction. It was put together by Jarrod Perkins of Gred and Forge and features twenty different wrock bands.

The album art was created by Frankie Franco III.

Song Backgrounds & Themes

Harry and the Potters, one of the bands on the album, writes:

"All bands were asked to write and record a song with the only criteria that “ALL OF THE SONGS SHOULD BE FUNNY”. We recorded our song, Vernon Dursely [sic], at our parent’s house in September 2008. Paul played the ukulele and Joe played the slide whistle."[1]

Many of the songs are meta in nature: "The Year Harry Went Emo" describes Harry's OotP characterization and also includes a critique of Michael Gambon's acting (in the lyric "He misses Sirius Black / And Michael Gambon's acting's crap"),[2] and "Creepy Mustache" is about film!Remus's unusual facial hair. Others humourously appeal to fanon tropes and themes, such as Gred and Forge's "Brotherly Love", a song about Weasleycest.

Track Listing

Front cover
  1. "Dobby Bang Your Head" by The Blibbering Humdingers
  2. "Creepy Mustache" by Remus and the Lupins
  3. "Brotherly Love" by Gred and Forge
  4. "Werewolves > Zombies" by The Remus Lupins
  5. "Miss Bulstrode" by Justin Finch-Fletchley & the Sugar Quills
  6. "An Entering Hogwarts First Year Expresses His Concerns" by The Mudbloods
  7. "Every Time..." by Catchlove
  8. "Worth Fighting For" by The Butterbeer Experience
  9. "Lavender Brown" (Acoustic) by Tom Riddle and Friends
  10. "Again Dennis?" by Creevey Crisis
  11. "Vernon Dursley" by Harry and the Potters
  12. "Reflection on the Human Condition #1" by The Whomping Willows
  13. "Give It Up" by Oliver Boyd & the Remembralls
  14. "The Human Cold Shower" by Hogwarts A History featuring Split Seven Ways
  15. "1st Year Haircut" by Draco and the Malfoys
  16. "Snog Song" by The Moaning Myrtles featuring The Butterbeer Experience
  17. "Pansy Looks Like a Dude" by Neville's Diary
  18. "Keep Your Branch to Yourself" by Tonks and the Aurors
  19. "The Year Harry Went Emo" by Peeved


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