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Pairing: Seth Gecko/Kate Fuller
Alternative name(s): SethKate, SK, SethxKate
Gender category: Het
Fandom: From Dusk Till Dawn
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: popular
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Seth/Kate is a popular het From Dusk Till Dawn pairing of Kate Fuller and Seth Gecko.


Fanfiction started appearing in 2012 on Archive of Our Own focused on the 1996 film. More fanfiction and shipping started to appear in April 2014, a month after the TV series premiere, and has steadily grown since - becoming the most popular pairing in the franchise[1]

Common Tropes & Fanon

  • Age Difference between Kate and Seth is a major factor that is often dealt within fanfiction, usually by aging up Kate to be at least 18 before the two get together but a fair amount of works deal with Kate being underage.
  • Post-Season 1 fics that are focused on Kate and Seth's adventures after the Titty Twister are generally called "Mexican Honeymoon", as canonically nicknamed by Richie Gecko in Season 2 after he and Kate meet up.
  • Season 2 fics usually deal with Kate and Seth stay together instead of splitting up otherwise they focus on reuniting them.
  • Post-Season 3 often focuses on the los tres Geckos - Kate teaming up with Seth & Richie in heists and on the road with them.
    • Kate dealing with Amaru's actions with the help of Seth
    • Seth and Kate admitting their feelings for each other
  • Domestic fics are fairly common usually between Kate and Seth but sometimes also including Richie, babies, or Uncle Eddie.
  • All Human AUs are the most common alternate universe other than changing some canon facts around.


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Post Season 3

Alternate Universes



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  1. ^ While AO3's tagging system is not a perfect way to show a pairing prevalence in the fandom: there are 479 Seth/Kate works compared to the overall 882 FDTDTS works which is over 50%.