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Sentinels and Guides are Known is a popular trope in The Sentinel fandom. It is a subtrope of Sentinel and Guide.

In canon, much of the tension of the show comes from Jim and Blair's attempts to keep Jim's abilities a secret. Many fanworks take this tension and play with it in other ways. One of those ways is to create worlds where the sentinels and guides are known to others.

This trope can take form in several ways:

  • sentinels and guides are known but rare
  • sentinels and guides are known and commonplace
  • sentinels and guides are known and have specific/common positions in society
  • others?

As a Way to Explore Power Imbalance

Some fanworks use this trope to explore the ways this AU could play out. Are sentinels in control? Guides? An equal, respectful relationship?

The GDP Series

See The GDP Series for more.

Susan Foster's series is a formative work.

Example Fanworks in Sentinel Fandom

In Other Fandoms

To see how other fandoms use this trope, see Sentinel AU.

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