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RPF Fandom
Name(s): Sentinel RPF
Scope/Focus: RPF fandom from The Sentinel
Date(s): 1996 to present
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There has been very little Sentinel RPF.

Only five fics are listed on Archive of Our Own, and they are all by one person in the GarrettVerse.

Some possible reasons for its scarcity:

  • it doesn't have much, if any, support in the fandom, see GarettVerse
  • Garett Maggart, the actor who portrays Blair Sandburg, had publicly expressed his uncomfortable feelings regarding slash
  • fans didn't feel comfortable with the genre involving actors they'd met personally
  • the actors aren't that interesting
  • the show had waned in popularity by the time RPF had increased in popularity (around 2002, in popslash)
  • the Sentinel fandom straddled print zines (which fans did not write RPF in) and online fandom, which felt "too public" and also the show had lost a lot of its fanbase, due to its wane in popularity

One the other hand:

  • many fans felt the blooper tapes and the actor's interaction with each other was very "slashy"
  • some fans felt there was probably some being shared underground, but evidence of this is slim to none regarding actual examples (nature of the beast)

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