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Title: Sahsheer
Publisher: Cathy Strand and Kay Johnson, credits say that the zine was "conceived and designed" by Mary G. Buser
Date(s): 1979
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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front cover, silkscreened by Mary G. Buser
back cover, Allyson Whitfield
a flyer: note that it mentions an essay by Sharon Emily called "The Frustrations of the Editor as Author," something that does not appear in the zine itself; not also that this flyer says that the zine will be approximately 150 pages, rather than the 104 pages in reality

Sahsheer is a gen Star Trek: TOS 104-page anthology. Cover: Mary G. Buser; inside back cover; Heather Firth. Other art by Mary Bruser, Harriet Stallings (portfolio), Jann Frank, Sony, Heather Firth and Allyson Whitfield.


A new Trekzine focusing on Star Trek fiction. There will be no poetry, reviews, or anthropological studies. This zine will showcase the author and story much as a magazine does. It will concentrate on art in frontispieces to stories and in several art portfolios in each issue. Our concern is for reproduction of your work in the manner that best reflects the original. Offset, reduced, on text stock. Silkscreened covers. [1]


  • An Injury to the Living by Cathy Strand; ill. Beverly Zuk ("A poignant story of Kirk on a mission of revenge.") (6)
  • Safe by Barb Greenwood; ill. Daryl Murdock ("It was what Spock wanted. Wasn't it?") (16)
  • Landscapes: an art portfolio by Harriet Stallings (21)
  • On the integrity of the Star Trek characters in fan fiction, essay by Michele Arvizu (33)
  • Eulogy for a Starship by Dennis Bahm, Cathy Strand and Kay Johnson; ill. Jann Frank ("Captain Kirk is relieved of command. Who is this Captain Aviary and why is the Enterprise headed for the Tholian sector? A suspenseful novella of deceit, trickery and the loyalty of a few.") (36)
  • An Opportunity by Barb Greenwood; ill. Cathy Strand ("She was alone with Spock in a cave. Read on...but you may not like what it tells you about yourself.") (91)
  • To See and Touch Once More by Kay Johnson (Charlie X. Alone... or is he?") (94)
  • On the art of criticism by Wilhelmina (claims that "literary criticism does not exist in fandom") (100)
  • The Contributors (102)


  • Harriet Stallings (an art portfolio, "a landscape of Federation fantasies.")
  • Beverly Zuk, a full color fontispiece
  • Heather Firth ("Kalinda and Sahsheer in pen and ink")
  • Allyson Whitfield, calligraphy
  • Daryl Murdock, pen and ink frontispiece
  • other art by Mary Bruser, Jann Frank, Sony, Heather Firth


Reactions and Reviews

Sasheer was the first fanzine I ever bought. Despite the increasing availability of sophisticated technology for publishing on a budget, this zine still has one of the neatest, most elegant layouts I've ever seen. The cover is simple, beautiful silkscreen design. The art throughout is consistently good and well-presented. The stories and essays (whatever happened to the essay as a fan artform?) are solid. [2]


  1. ^ from an ad in Scuttlebutt #14
  2. ^ In 1993, a zine ed asked her readers to list their "Five Favorite Fanzines." This was one fan's comment. For more, see Psst... Hey Kid, Wanna Buy a Fanzine?/Top Five Fanzines Questionnaire.