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Title: S9Fanzine
Publisher: Space: 1999 Fan Activity Network (S9FAN)
Editor(s): George Eichler
Date(s): 1993-1998
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Space: 1999
Language: English
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S9Fanzine is a Space: 1999 anthology published by a fan club. It includes letters, art, fiction, episode reviews, and roundtable discussions. This zine has a sister zine, the S9FAN Resource Guide.

Frequent contributors were Mark Shaw, Rose Marie Badgett, Terry Bowers, Rebecca Eisenhuth and Jenny Lobb.

Issue 1

S9Fanzine 1 was published in July 1995 and contains 85 pages. It is 8.5" by 11". It has a black cutaway card cover and is squarebound. There were fifty copies printed.

title page of the first issue, art by Albert Leon
cover of issue #1
  • Introduction
  • Episode Review - Breakaway
  • Roundtable fan discussion - Year 1 v. Year 2
  • Episode Review - The Metamorph
  • Fan Profile
  • Getting Online by Linda Kay
  • S9Fan survey Results
  • Alphan Weather by Mary Fitzgerald
  • Spotlight on Barry Morse by Vivian Stanley
  • Space:1998 by William Dotson (parody: often quite funny in its accurate observations of the show's foibles)
  • S9Fan fan Resource Guide

Issue 2

S9Fanzine 2 was published in July 1996. It had an original press run of 60. Zine includes: Episode reviews of Matter of Life and Death, and The Exiles, an Episode Lines Quiz, Year in Review and more.

cover of issue #2

Issue 3

S9Fanzine 3 was published in March 1997. It had an original press run of 50. Zine includes: Two fan fiction stories, Episode reviews of One Moment of Humanity and Black Sun, The Moonbase Alpha Final Exam, and more.

cover of issue #3

Issue 4

S9Fanzine 4 was published in September 1997. It had an original press run of 50. Zine includes a Spotlight on Nick Tate, An Interview with John Muir, an Episode review of Ring Around the Moon and more.

cover of issue #4

Issue 5

S9Fanzine 5 was published in July 1998. There were fifty copies printed.

cover of issue #5
  • Introduction
  • S9FAN Mail
  • Home to Stay - by Terry S. Bowers
  • Episode Review - Earthbound
  • Fan Perspective - Better Living Through Alien Technology by Yul Tolbert
  • Clueless Crossword
  • Crossover Stories We'd Like To See
  • Warped Drive - by Patricia Embury
  • Roundtable fan discussion - Abstinence, Birth Control and Abortion on Moonbase Alpha
  • Episode Review - All That Glisters
  • Convention Report - spacecon XII - Reported by Jenny Lobb & The First Space:1999 Convention - Reported by George Eichler
  • Moonbase Alpha Graduate Level final exam - by Terry S Bowers
  • Insurrection - by Rebecca Eisenhuth