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Name: Romana
Alias(es): Romana III, romana03
Type: fan writer, webmaster, moderator
Fandoms: Star Trek, Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Harry Potter, Gilbert and Sullivan, 'Allo 'Allo!, others
Communities: Romana's TARDIS, The Staff Room, hms_kittyhawk
URL: romana03 at LiveJournal
romana03 at AO3
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Romana, also known as romana03, is a fanfiction writer. Her penname is borrowed from the Doctor Who character Romana.[1]

Romana's author site, Romana's TARDIS, was started in 2001 or earlier. It went offline in 2005.

Fandom History

Romana was first active in online fandom in 1998, on mailing lists and message boards, initially the BritCom, BritSlash (mailing list), London Calling and femmeslash (mailing list) lists.

Romana wrote at FictionAlley Park in 2002:

The first story I wrote was 'Allo 'Allo!, but that can't really be called a fandom. I have also written stories based on Blake's 7, Upstairs Downstairs, Tekken, Star Trek (TOS, TNG and VOY), Gilbert and Sullivan operettas and Harry Potter. Alongside these, I also read stories based on ER and Star Gate SG1.

My main fandom is Star Trek: Voyager and my favourite ship is Janeway/Seven but I flit about a fair amount[2]

Romana was active at FictionAlley Park starting in June 2002 and had two Harry Potter stories posted at the FictionAlley archive by November 2003, which were later removed.[3] She started the Harry Potter fanfiction archive The Staff Room in June 2002 and hms_kittyhawk, a Hooch/McGonagall community on LiveJournal, in March 2004. She was also involved in Harry Potter RPGs, including The Floo Network and An Adventure at Hogwarts, and took over the Harry Potter RPGs webring in 2004.[4]

She has been active on LiveJournal since 2003, although most of her LiveJournal posts are currently friendslocked.

Since 2010, she has uploaded a handful of her stories to Archive of Our Own.


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