Rocky Horror Tribble Show

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The Rocky Horror Tribble Show is an event that was played at least one con, Trek Fest (1999? Iowa? Charles Napier was a guest).

A fan's description: "I took part in what has been called the "Rocky Horror Tribble Show" this year. That's always fun. You can get a bag for a buck which contains "transporter dust" (glitter), "quadrotriticale" (bird seed), "tribbles" (fake fleece), a pen for the scene with Uhura on the bridge, and a cup to carry "above the fight" in the bar. You also get a sticker with a Starfleet insignia, and, at the end of the episode, you stand up when your person with that insignia speaks. With the "transporter dust," you throw some up in the air whenever someone beams up or down. With the bird seed, every time someone mentions "quadrotriticale," you throw it up-in the air. With the "tribbles," you boo and hiss every time you see a Klingon, or make frightened tribble noises. You can also throw them around the room during the scene where they are falling on Kirk's head. I love this." [1]

See also Tribble Lotto.


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