Rimi Ushigome

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Name: Rimi Ushigome
牛込 りみ Ushigome Rimi
Occupation: Musician/Schoolgirl
Relationships: Kasumi Toyama (bandmate), Tae Hanazono (bandmate), Arisa Ichigaya (bandmate), Saya Yamabuki (bandmate), Yuri Ushigome (sister)
Fandom: BanG Dream!
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Rimi is a main character in the video game BanG Dream!, as well as the anime of the same name.


Shy and prone to emotional outbursts, Rimi is the unsung hero of PoPiPa. Doing a lot of the music writing and organising, she is the quiet bassline that holds the band together. Between Kasumi’s mania and Tae’s airheadedness, Rimi often goes unnoticed, but would be missed if she wasn’t there.


Rimi is actively shipped with other members of PoPiPa, albeit most likely with Saya due to her love of chocolate cornets. She is one of several other girls in BanG Dream known to have a crush on Kaoru, and her ‘bun rivalry’ with Moca Aoba could potentially lend itself to shipping, either as a threesome with Saya, or both girls fighting over her (and her buns). Lastly, Rimi’s potential for being tsugurific (according to Moca) lends itself to a rarepair with Tsugumi Hazawa. Ships with sister Yuri are also rare but exist.


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