Tae Hanazono

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Name: Tae Hanazono
花園 たえ Hanazono Tae
Occupation: Musician/Schoolgirl
Relationships: Rimi Ushigome (bandmate), Kasumi Toyama (bandmate), Arisa Ichigaya (bandmate), Saya Yamabuki (bandmate)
Fandom: BanG Dream!
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Tae is a main character in the video game BanG Dream!, as well as the anime of the same name.


With her head almost constantly in the clouds, Tae often has the wrong idea, but sometimes that idea is a better one than reality (such as treating a macaron tower like a game of kerplunk). Despite her permanent ‘offline’ status, Tae is the most musically skilled in PoPiPa, even going to a specialist music school for her middle school years. Between her love of food and twenty pet rabbits, keeping Tae’s attention may prove difficult, but she can guarantee there won’t be a dull moment.


Among PoPiPa, Tae is most likely to be shipped with Rimi or Arisa due to the pair of them sharing similarities with her favourite rabbit Oddie (Rimi while eating, and Arisa due to her pigtails). Tae and Hagumi share a love of running (albeit different distances), which lends itself to shipping.


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