Revelations (Dark Shadows zine)

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Title: Revelations
Publisher: Old House Publishing
Author(s): Dale Clark
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1993
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Dark Shadows
Language: English
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Revelations is a gen novel by Dale Clark. It's the third in a series of seven books.


From the publisher: "Maggie Evans, her memories of 1967 intact, confronts Barnabas and Julia about her kidnapping. Meanwhile, with Carolyn's aid, Quentin journeys back into the past to find and rescue Victoria Winters - - only to discover the bizarre circumstances surrounding her life in 1925. The events of the past are inexplicably tied to Angelique's return to Collinwood as she attempts to save all who live there from the death that she knows awaits them at the hands of an old enemy."


Cover of Revelations

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Reactions and Reviews

I read REVELATIONS as soon as I got home from the FEST and loved it, as I did your earlier books. Making Angelique a time traveler from a few years in the future was a great idea -- what she was going through was so moving! And it was also a great idea to establish that a person can't take the Staircase Through Time to a time where his/her body already exists, because that would also "explain" why, on the show, Barnabas couldn't follow Julia that way. [1]

I enjoyed REVELATIONS very much -- especially the sequences between Maggie and Barnabas and Quentin and Carolyn. (It should be interesting when these four and Julia and Vicki get together and compare notes -- especially when they try to explain all this to Roger and Elizabeth. I'm also glad that you have decided to continue this storyline, at least for a while. You've pretty much wrapped up the loose ends in 1795 and 1897 with the 1840 storyline the next stop. (And you still have the 1970 Parallel Time to deal with; along with Vicki's father, Roxanne, Chris JeMings and a half dozen other mysteries. Have fun.) [2]

I liked your third book. It didn't have as much chase and action as the other two but it stayed tight and kept my interest. Poor, poor Vicki. A tetralogy only bas 4 books in it. Do you plan to go beyond? Not that I care what number you call it -- keep up the good work. [3]

I just wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoyed reading (the novels). As I told you at the DS FESTIVAL, I hesitate to read some of the fan written DS books and stories because they make the characters into something they are not. Your books remain true to the originals, however, and flowed smoothly from one novel to the next. Last week I received my new DS videos (the end of regular time 1971) and I realized as I watched Angelique die in Barnabas' arms that your last book, REYELATIONS, made me feel the same pity and sorrow for Angelique. Your feel for the characters, your flow of conversation, and your dramatic storytelling are refreshing to those true DS fans. [4]