Rakes at the Gates of Hell

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Title: Rakes at the Gates of Hell
Author(s): synecdochic
Date(s): 2003-2005
Length: 38,000 words (main story)
Genre: slash, RPF/RPS, fanfiction, magical realism, busfic, touring, AU, Demon AU
Fandom: 'N Sync
External Links: On Synecdochic's website
On AO3

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Rakes at the Gates of Hell is a widely recced popslash AU by synecdochic. A prime example of the magical realism trope, it's a Lance Bass-centric series that takes place in a world that resembles ours, aside from the fact that Lance has the innate ability to protect humanity from demons and other forces of evil.

The fic has been compared to the movie Constantine, but it isn't a direct AU.


  • "It's an intriguing blend of fantasy, religion, sex and the guys." [1]
  • "It's gorgeous and deep and intriguing and wonderfully toned with fascinating characterization. Everything you can expect from Synecdochic's writing." [2]
  • "This story is so beautiful, so wonderfully researched, so seemingly valid, that you don't doubt a bit of it for a moment. There's never the thought of 'What?! That could/would never happen.' From the very first word, you're entirely in this world that Syn has created and you believe in it 100%." [3]