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Synonyms: tourfic, tour fic
Related: Road Trip, Van Days, Busfic
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Touring is a popular trope in music RPF fandoms.

In real life when bands go on concert tours, depending on their budgets, they may be living in very close quarters for months at a time, providing an ideal setup for interpersonal conflict, angst, sexual self-discovery, or cuddles in fanfiction. In addition, since groupies and other tour shenanigans became documented phenomena in the 1960s and 70s, ideas about the wild touring lifestyle have entered pop culture at large (see Hard Core Logo, Almost Famous); these ideas are often incorporated in fanfiction set on tour (tourfic) whether or not there are any facts or rumors about the particular band doing anything exciting on their tours.

In the age of Tumblr, fanart and gifs depicting concert tours is also quite common in fandoms like One Direction.

Rarely, tourfic can also feature in the occasional Rock Star AU for non-music and non-RPF fandoms.

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