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Tropes and genres
Synonym(s)Bus fic
Related tropes/genresVan Days, Touring
See alsoThreemanbus, TimberTrickC, Popslash/Pairing names, Synchronik, Helenish
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Busfic is a trope that originated in popslash; it describes a story in which most of the action either takes place on or centers around the buses ridden by each group while on tour. Stories that fit this trope are by definition Non AUs. Their tone can range anywhere from fluff to PWP.

By all accounts, Synchronik is the father of this trope. His On The Bus series, begun in the early days (or "first wave") of the fandom, was hugely influential. Other popslashers would imitate his style for years to come.

Busfic is almost entirely responsible for the rise in popularity of threemanbus fic. (At a certain point in their career, 'N Sync had two tour buses for the five members. Joey and Lance - along with several pets and occasionally Joey's brother Steve - occupied one bus, while Chris, JC and Justin occupied the other. Threemanbus fic, sometimes called TimberTrickC, soon became a favorite among fans.)

This trope can sometimes be spotted in other RPF fandoms, such as bandom.

Notable Stories

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