Quirk of Fate

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Star Trek Fanfiction
Title: Quirk of Fate
Author(s): Kathy Stanis
Date(s): 1997
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: TNG
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Quirk of Fate is a Kirk/Spock story by Kathy Stanis. It is a crossover with Star Trek: TNG.

It was published in the print zine First Time #45.


"While on shoreleave, Spock has visits from Q, who wants Spock to confess and become lovers with Kirk so that, in the future, Q can use them as an example to convince Picard to become his lover."

Reactions and Reviews

I am certain that there are many stories featuring Q in Next Gen, Voyager and Deep Space 9 fan fiction, both slash and gen. However, since those incarnations of Star Trek don’t capture my attention, I don’t read them, and I’ve never come across a characterization of Q in the zines I have read. But somehow I think Kathy’s vision of Q would be unusual in any fandom. As always, this author manages to provide a fresh and unique spin to any scenario she chooses to explore.

The basic premise is that since Q desires a sexual relationship with Picard (Why, in heaven’s name, he would want one is beyond me!), he goes back to the past to convince Spock to initiate a similar one with his captain. Thus, the hide-bound Picard will have a precedent in Federation history. I’ve never thought of Q as a homosexual, and certainly don’t view Spock as one. That said, I enjoyed this story immensely. Kathy’s Q is a wonderfully drawn character; capricious, and amusing, and downright audacious. The author has nailed his mercurial nature perfectly, from the first snap of his fingers, to the rapid costume changes, to the witty repartee. Her ear for Q’s voice especially impressed me. The scenes with Spock were great fun! And yet we occasionally get a peek at his appealing vulnerable side to rouse our sympathy as well. Not easy to accomplish. I loved the scene of the two warriors and that Spock painted it. And the use Q made of it. (I’m trying not to give away too much here as this is still a relatively new zine.) I’m not quite sure I buy that Kirk would run from the repercussions. I don’t think there is much that would make our intrepid captain turn tail, but it certainly heightened the emotional impact of the scene. The sex scene was beautifully written and very satisfying.

All in all, another intriguing look at Kirk and Spock from a gifted author. The Stanis flair for an unusual story teamed with her trademark facility with beautiful and flowing language make this a story not to be missed. [1]
A cute, meddlesome Q brings spice into this dish of emotions. Worldly and childlike all at the same time. Sometimes a real pain in the ass. The warm conversations between Spock and Kirk are a delight to read. [2]
What a great idea! Q on the Enterprise. With Spock, of all people. The entire story was fresh and clever. Q wants Spock's help. It appears that he wants a relationship with Picard. Eeww. Different strokes for different folks. Anyway, Q feels that if there was a precedent in Federation history about same sex relationships then his suit with the conservative minded Picard would be more easily accepted. All Spock has to do is start a relationship with Kirk. What a sacrifice to make. Spock is up to the task in this delightful story. Great fun. [3]
An interesting interpretation of Q, but not one I'd ordinarily accept. This premise, however, offered us a different view of Spock/Kirk's relationship and provided the much needed impetus for Spock to act. Although I was a little put off by the nick names Q called Spock (Q is more creative than to call Spock "Babe"), I smiled throughout the story. [4]
Wonderful story. I loved the whole idea of putting Q and Spock together. I didn't know which one to feel sorry for - Spock trying to deal with Q or the other way around. The scenes between the two of them were delightful. As usual, however, it wasn't the plot line that made me read with such enthusiasm. This author has such a way with language. For example: "...he toweled it to a gloss, until it shone even through his uniform. He combed it through his hair, it sparked off the sheen of his boots..." Oh, yum." [5]
I have never been much of a Q fan, but that didn't stop me from thoroughly enjoying this story, perhaps because it is an excellent example of my favorite type of K/S—a "first time" scenario in which the characterizations of Kirk and Spock are accurate and the setting is the universe of TOS.

I particularly enjoyed Spock's musings in the opening pages, in which he is thinking about his feelings for Kirk and about how he would like to discuss them with someone else but doesn't dare. Enter Q, with whom Spock can and does have such a discussion. Kathy's descriptions of the interaction between Spock and Q are entertaining and believable— practically every word just felt night.

There were a couple of nice little touches which I really liked: Spock's puzzlement (which I happen to share) over the entertainment value of dramas involving medical crises, a reference to Trelane, Q's use of the phrase 'Jesus H. Surak." and Spock's use of the phrase Pontak-t'zau (think I may just add that one to my personal repertoire of expletives).

I had a little trouble at first with the idea of Spock as a painter. But when I thought about it, I realized that on several occasions he has certainly shown an appreciation for art and since he's so good at so many things (including music), I didn't have too much trouble convincing myself that maybe he could also paint like a master. At any rate, the description of Spock's painting was quite appealing, and I liked the way it figured in the plot.

Similarly, I felt, initially, that Q's lust for Picard was a little hard to believe, but I soon realized that that was because I was trying to imagine Q succeeding at seducing Picard when what I really should have been imagining was Q thinking he could succeed at seducing Picard—a notion which fits in perfectly with Q's cosmic-sized ego.

One problem which I was not able to resolve to my own satisfaction, however, was Spock's and Kirk's somewhat understated reaction to Q's appearances on the ship—it seemed to me that no matter how convenient Q's intervention might have been for their relationship, both Spock and Kirk should have been a lot more concerned about potential harm to the ship and/or the mission from this obviously powerful (and slightly crazy) alien entity. But that's my only real objection to this story, which, on the whole, was a delight to read. [6]
A superbly crafted, finely detailed and ultimately delightful story of Spock's close encounter of the outrageous kind with the cosmic rascal, Q. The meeting of the orderly, perfectionist, logical Spock with the wild and crazy guy Q is a perfect, perfect idea—they are a terrific combination! Here, Q is quite the gay blade, literally, and Spock is the perfect foil to Q's wildness.

This story is woven in fine nuances and detail. From the very beginning Spock is set-up as ripe-for-the-pickings and every detail of what he thinks and feels for Kirk is explored as a perfect prelude to Q's arrival.

Talk about a set-up! Spock is in the turbolift trying to decide where to go and what to do after his captain has left the ship for "eighty-three point six hours; three point four-eight days" as Spock counts the seconds until he sees Jim again.

I adored Spock's interaction with Uhura—it's exactly how I would imagine their friendship. And how wonderful is Spock's desire to reveal himself to this compassionate woman.

I just loved all the shipboard goings-on so vividly shown such as the continuing programs on the vid-screen (in a sly reference to our own TV) that mystify Spock as to their popularity among the crew. "...Law enforcement in the space lanes or, for what entertainment value he could not fathom, dramas involving medical crises." But it's most adorable that Spock likes the "speculative fiction" set in the future involving "relationships between the characters."

There's so much in this story, I wish I could tell it all! Every moment is filled with Spock's thoughts and feelings— the story is so focused and knows exactly where it's going from the very first line.

I loved the smoldering sexuality beneath Spock's proper veneer—captured so beautifully as he plays chess with some of the crew and thinks things like "It seemed somewhat like group sex." And how everything reminds him of Kirk. [7]
This is a wonderfully written and well-constructed story by one of our premier storytellers. I smiled throughout and was totally taken in by the characterization of Q. Of course he's a flaming homosexual, exactly as portrayed here! The author convinced me of that and of G's unique reason for going back in time to talk to Spock. (Although I question his taste: Picard? But for purposes of the story it had to be.)

The opening sequence was just marvelous, with Spock watching Kirk on the transporter pad, about to beam away for several days. How many times have I seen Shatner in jeans and white shirt and boots, and liked what Pve seen? Why, oh why did I never think to dress our dear captain in the same way, as the author does here? I drooled right along with Spock.

I very much liked the way Kathy laid the groundwork for Spock's attraction to his captain. I definitely received the impression that if Q hadn't shown up, Spock would have gathered up his nerve sometime soon. And that was good, because you knew Spock wasn't being pushed into something by the obnoxious nearly-omnipotent alien, but was ripe for the encouragement.

There were several sections of real wit and ingenuity; the sequence where Spock and Q agree that Kirk is so "fuckable," and especially the part where Q looks at himself in the mirror, tries to stick out his backside and then cups his genitals, saying "how does he do that?" I laughed out loud. And then the whole section when Kirk first returns, and Spock walks through the ship with him, holding himself open to the attraction between them. I thought this was marvelously well done, with a great deal of sensitivity. And I will never look at boots in quite the same way again ....

There were two parts that I felt were discordant, out of touch with the rest of the story, but this might be due to my own personal dislike of the kinkier side of sex for our heroes in the beginning of their relationship. Especially as innocently as Spock is portrayed here, I couldn't for the life of me understand why he was so fascinated by the little leather harnesses conjured up by Q, or the swinging trapezes over the bed. What? It seemed very gratuitous.

Towards the end of the story, Q brings the two men together in unique circumstances, and Kirk appears to panic and abandons Spock to despair and self-flagellation. (Now there's a story idea!) Since there isn't a strong characterization of Kirk established in this story, we have to fell back on the one established by the genre, and this didn't seem like the strong, courageous captain that I know. Kirk, impetuous and head-strong, is more likely to throw himself at a problem then he is to retreat from it. That whole section read a bit awkwardly to me.

The whole story flowed smoothly and inevitably to some wonderful sex, and left me with a ton of good feelings and a smile on my face. Bravo! [8]
This one is pure fun and sex. While Kirk's away for a few days, the irrepressible Q (Q for Queen, of course) pays Spock a visit....

The scenes with Spock and Q made me laugh out loud more than once. I'll never forget the image of Q in a gold-and- black captain's uniform checking himself out in the mirror and lamenting the fact that he'll never quite Have that James T. Kirk package. "How does he DO that?" he marvels. Wonderful.

I also thought Spock's reactions to Q and Q's to Spock were right on target.

Best part of the story--Spock getting ready for Kirk to come back from his four day absence. At Q's urging that he send Kirk clear signals, Spock decides to make a conscious effort to allow his sexuality to surface, and it is a delicious and ah...stimulating process. (For him and for me!) These scenes were nothing short of inspired. And how could Kirk resist?

I found nothing not to like in this funny, sexy, and original story! [9]
First Time 45 is one of my favorite First Time issues. It has so many wonderful stories in it, "Quirk of Fate" being one. This story is a crossover, I guess, in that it involves a character from another TV series.

The story starts out with Kirk leaving the Enterprise for a 4 day visit to an old friend, and Spock spends the first couple of days thinking about Kirk and fantasizing about him. Then things get really interesting. The character "Q", from STTNG, visits Spock one night, and for personal reasons of his own (does the name Jean-Luc Picard ring a bell?) wants to encourage Spock and Kirk to become lovers. Of course, Q is not content with just talking, and takes great pleasure in trying to stir something up between Kirk and Spock.

I always enjoy reading anything by Kathy Stanis, and this story was no exception. "Quirk of Fate" was typical of the other stories I've read by this author—it had a really interesting and different plot, was wonderfully well written, and the characterizations of both Spock (this story is told from his POV) and Kirk were very believable. I really enjoyed the scenes between Spock and Q—again she had the characterization of Q just perfect, I thought. There's lots of great dialogue in this story, including some really amusing exchanges of dialogue between Spock and Q. Add to this an exquisite love scene—hot but loving— and you have a story I thoroughlyenjoyed. [10]
Want to read something distinctly Star Trek with an abundance of great K/S plus a twist? Settle down with “Quirk of Fate”. I found it absorbing and entertaining and innovative.

It might help if you’ve watched TNG and are acquainted with a highly roguish inter-dimensional being who calls himself “Q”, but Kathy describes him so well it isn’t really necessary—she has him down pat and I found him to be quite a hoot in this R rated version. But more important than the behavior of Q is the quality of the love between Kirk and Spock that is so deftly managed in this story. From the opening scene— Kirk leaving the ship for a few days visit with a retired admiral who also happens to have an eligible daughter— this is a fun read laced with longing. Spock watches his captain dissolving in the transporter beam and admires his snug denim trousers, soft, white shirt and concentrates on the body that fills them so nicely. There are such nice thought processes here as Spock contemplates four days without his friend, without seeing that smile, hearing that voice. We also learn Spock would like much more than to be Kirk’s friend. Then along comes Q. Naked, he appears in Spock’s cabin. This author has his mannerisms so perfectly quirky! Something along the lines of a more mature yet decidedly naughty Trelane. It turns out Q is on a personal mission and I found this premise to be extremely inventive. Seems he would like to have an intimate relationship with one Jean-Luc Picard a couple hundred years in the future, but Captain Picard is disinclined to be the first starship commander to engage in a homosexual relationship. Now, if Kirk and Spock would just get the ball rolling in their century, there would be no such stumbling block to prevent Q from getting his wish.

This story was just a pure delight—you must read the conversations between Spock and Q to know what I mean. I had a smile pasted on my face through most of the pages. Spock opens up to Q, maybe out of desperation, because he certainly is desperately in love with Jim Kirk. But whatever the reasons, he reveals so much—like how he would enjoy dancing with his captain. I won’t tell you the details, but let me just say that Picard should have nothing to worry about! [11]
I had heard of this story long ago, now I finally got to read it, all blessings to a kind friend who arranged for that . Oh, my, this is just marvelous!! Q comes back in time to talk to Spock about the way Starfleet sees homosexuals, how even in Picard's time there are no openly gay captains, though in lower ranks, discrimination is forbidden and has been for quite some time. Q desires Picard, and wishes Picard felt free to express what Q is certain he feels. He wants to help Spock out, because if Spock and Kirk get together, he thinks that his own future will change too, so that, well, you get the picture.

Spock, at one point, asks Q who he means when he talks about "us", about how "our kind" are perceived by Fleet Command. and Q puts on this exaggerated flounce and says, "why, queers, honey!" And Spock is both shocked and secretly rather pleased. All through this story Q is wonderfully campy and sly, calling Spock honey and boyfriend and telling him how tasty he is. And Spock realizes he quite enjoys this, but wishes it was Jim saying those words. At one point, after they have met a couple times and Spock has been thinking over what Q has told him, he takes a shower and, instead of quelling his desire for Jim, as he has always done before, he allows it so soak into every pore of his being. He imagines it shining from his eyes, his hair, all of him. I can't quote exactly, but it's a lovely little scene, very neatly and beautifully written. Q drops by and see the change and say, "Ooh, that ass!" and flirts with him for a bit. Yum, lots of fun. And then Jim comes back aboard, sees Spock, and after awhile, asks him what's different, did he change his hair or something? Again, my quote is clumsy, it's very well done in the story. I was laughing my butt off all through. Finally Spock gets up the courage to tell Jim about Q's visits, though not what they talked about. And then he shows Jim a painting he's only just hung up in his quarters -- it's been hidden for years. Two warriors standing on the Vulcan desert; one is Spock and one is golden-eyed and golden-haired -- and he painted it years before he ever met Jim. And Jim is blown away and obviously not offended... There's a final misunderstanding, a final meeting with Q -- and then the ending, where our boys finally do get together and make very hot and passionate love and ooh, yeah, this is good stuff!

All told, a delightful story, one I will want to read again I know. Yum!!! [12]


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