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Synonyms: Queer Guardian Demon Crowley
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Queer Guardian Angel Aziraphale is a minor trope in the Good Omens fandom. The trope usually shows up in fanfiction (vs. other fanworks) and is sometimes accompanied by Queer Guardian Demon Crowley. The trope has been canonized as a tag on Archive of Our Own. The earliest work in the AO3 tag is such surpassing brightness by bibliocratic.

Queer Guardian Angel (or Demon) works specifically refer to the trope of Aziraphale or Crowley acting as protectors or friends to queer or trans people, either in modern day or historically, not just works that headcanon either character as LGBT+.

Fan Comments

Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.

"The Queer Guardian Angel fics tend to annoy me because, while I wouldn't claim much expertise in queer history, I know enough to know that human concepts about gender and sexuality and identities vary a lot with time and culture, but most fics just flatten that all out and apply modern ideas everywhere, and use modern language, too. I like Aziraphale and Crowley using modern language for humorous effect (like the "lead balloon" line in canon) but them talking seriously about safe spaces and privilege (in the modern sense) in the Victorian era was jarring."[1]

AO3 Tag

On AO3, various other user-submitted tags have been synned with the canonical "Queer Guardian Angel Aziraphale (Good Omens)" tag. This is because many users added conversational tags to their works that were wrangled under one tag to encompass many different tags with similar meanings. A handful are listed below:

  • "Aziraphale as the patron saint of Soho"
  • "Aziraphale is the Principality of the LGBTQ+ community"
  • "no cops at pride just aziraphale and his flaming sword"
  • "Aziraphale is the angel of lgbtq"
  • "Aziraphale: patron of queer dumbasses everywhere"[2]

The last tag listed above is from such surpassing brightness, which is the earliest work posted & tagged for the trope.



"This collection is for works in which Aziraphale and Crowley are Queer Elders, Guardian Angels, local cryptids, or some combination thereof; works in which Aziraphale and Crowley adopt every queer person in need they come across (and a few other vulnerable people besides), and generally behave as the Eldritch Queer Guardian Elders the world needs (and their neighbors are maybe in on it, at least a little)."


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