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Event: Poseygate
Participants: Teen Wolf fandom
Date(s): February 18, 2014 - late August 2014
Type: wank
Fandom: Teen Wolf
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On February 18, 2014 Hollywood Life released a video interview with Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey, were (among other things) he was asked about his opinion on Sterek.[1]

He said:

I think ‘Sterek’ is a bizarre, weird, twisted thing. And I think that anyone who pays more attention to Sterek than the show isn’t watching the show for the right reasons.

Some Sterek fans reacted in a very negative way on both Twitter and Tumblr (that especially after the gif set from the interview started making ways[2]). People were trying to convince other fans to boo Posey at the next ComicCon,[3] some were even sending the actor death threats.[3] Even The Backlot's Tumblr didn't spare the actor[4] (for which they received some backlash).

Of course not all reactions were negative. Many fans agreed with Posey.

Fan Comments

I’m not going to wholly defend Posey’s comments, but I don’t think it’s all that unreasonable of him (or any Teen Wolf cast member for that matter) to be frustrated with constantly being asked to comment on the Sterek phenomenon. And it could be his comments were borne more out of frustration than anything else. It’s like going up to an actor playing Hamlet each night after the performance and asking him what it’s like playing… Macbeth. Eventually, the guy playing Hamlet isn’t going to want to talk about Macbeth any more… and will get a little pissy when you continue to badger him about it.

When fans and the press focus on the Sterek phenomenon and ignore almost every other aspect of the show, you are not only ignoring the incredible fact that a young Latino is the lead in a popular television show, you are also ignoring the story that everyone who works on Teen Wolf is trying to tell you.

So to Sterek shippers (and I proudly count myself as one of them), I say maybe lighten up on the Tyler Posey bashing. The level of vitriol being directed at him is way out of proportion to what he said.[3]
Tyler Posey is not a part of fandom, so he doesn’t fully understand the connotations of his words and why they were so hurtful to people. And while I don’t know him personally, he seems to genuinely care for his fans, so I think he would want to know why those particular words hurt so many people.

They hurt because slash ships (and more generally – gay relationships) have historically been called words like “twisted”. And slash fans (not unlike the LGBTQ community) have often been shamed for what they love.

It is seriously problematic to call a queer ship “twisted”. So, for a lot of slash fans, this was just another person – someone they admire and respect – telling them that what they love is wrong. And for the record: there is no wrong reason to watch a television show.[3]
I agree 100% with Tyler Posey here. Teen Wolf isn’t about ships.[5]
Is there another reason? C’mon![6]
We get you’re hurt by not being a fan favorite and maybe you are being shadowed by sterek. Deal with it.[7]
So I absolutely LOVE Sterek as much as the next shipper but i definitely agree with posey on that if ur only watching Teen Wolf for that sole reason then you arent watching for the right reasons its like saying ur only watching when you know Stiles and Derek are in scenes together. We want teen Wolf to go for many more seasons right? I know I do.[8]
YAS GAWD!!!! He basically summed up everything….there would be no TW without Scott McCall…Sciles over Sterek all day err day.[9]
he’s not calling fans bizarre, weird or twisted. he’s calling the sterek phenomenon to which you only support teen wolf for sterek that. ie the complete derailment in interviews with him to be about sterek. jeff davis doesn’t even talk about sterek and is always very dismissive. the teen wolf social media (tumblr/twitter/after show and after after show have been more baiting yet dismissive at the same time).

tyler is just saying that he wants fans to watch teen wolf for the ensemble cast and stories and friendships. and not to be about shipping. if you look at who runs teen wolf social media and the after shows, that’s his view of fandom. and it’s pretty fucked up what teen wolf social media decides to let through

please remember tyler posey’s history with fandom. and how large parts of fandom treated/and still treat scott mccall. and how very few interviewers ask him about his own acting and motivations but rather ask about sterek. and in episodes where stiles and derek aren’t even on screen together, the trend is to ask about sterek. rather than the strong stiles and scott moments. the social media of teen wolf has been overlooking posey and has been baiting with sterek fandom despite the show runner not seriously talking about sterek - jeff davis has not been at any time positive about sterek but has been dismissive and untactful and mocking. yet relies on the sterek fandom to boost polls or praises teen wolf fandom for their support by rewarding it with a sterek montage and ignoring the ensemble. it’s something the rest of the actors notice. and i am not surprised how posey has had a negative view of sterek fandom because of the history of parts of fandom towards scott’s character[10]
Wank against Posey reminds me a little of the way some klainers started acting when people talked against the ship/disagreed with the extreme fanbase[11]
literally if you’re a sterek shipper out there losing your fucking mind because of what tyler said and taking it completely out of context and blowing it out of proportion, you are the problem and you are exactly what and who tyler is talking about[12]
Scott McCall is the main character of the show. And the level to which he’s hated in fandom (mostly by Sterek shippers) is ridiculous[13]
[breaks down your door] [sneaks into your room] [throws holy water at you] HEARD YOU WERE TALKING SHIT ABOUT TYLER POSEY[14]


In response to some more intense and violent reactions to Posey's interview, some Posey fans formed a "Tyler Posey Defense Squad"[15] and later suggested a Tyler Posey love fest, under a tag of poseytivity (a tag initiavive very similar to Operation Levity). The tag included photos of the actor, manips, fanart and meta essays. Someone created "poseytivity" alert bracelets as well.[16]


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