Operation Levity

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Event: Operation Levity
Participants: rhinozilla
Date(s): January 6th, 2014 - present
Type: Pairing appreciation event
Fandom: The Walking Dead
URL: https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/operation-levity
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After a particularily nasty round of Ship Wars between Caryl and Bethyl shippers (a lot of which flooded the ship tag on Tumblr), rhinozilla and other outspoken fans decided to counter the negativity with possitive messages, full of fanworks.

I, along with many outspoken others, have gotten tired of seeing wank in the Caryl tag. I’m not talking about critical discussion or civilized disagreements, because those can be wonderful and constructive things. Nay, I am alluding to the negativity for the sake of negativity, the hurtful and unnecessary unpleasantness posted by some members of every party involved. It tends to come in waves, like the worst kind of flash mob, and all we can do is huddle below deck in our ship and wait for it blow over, right? Wrong! Instead of enduring the storm, let’s fight it! Not with more wank or angry finger-pointing, but instead with love and warmth and everything that makes us love Caryl in the first place and that keeps us coming back. Let’s not go into other shipping tags to try to do some peacekeeping; from what I understand, those attempts have not been well-received or appreciated. Let’s instead focus on our space, and let the good vibes and love spread from a healthy epicenter! --rhinozilla, in the Operation Levity origin post[1]

The only restrition on material posted is that it's a "happy thing". All Operation Levity posts should be tagged with both "Caryl" and "Operation Levity".

Rules for Participating

  • The same as the first rule of the USS Caryl - Be excellent to one another.
  • If you post art or videos or things that aren’t yours, be sure to source the original creators properly.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, reference, perpetuate, tag, or mention, aggressively or passive aggressively, hate against ships, Caryl or otherwise, characters, or other bloggers. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  • Affection, however, is welcome and encouraged.
  • What you post on your blog is your business, but if you use the “Operation Levity” tag, I ask that you keep it loving and happy :)
  • Have fun with it. This is intended to be a safe zone for all things silly and ridiculous for the love of Caryl.

Fandom Response

While Operation Levity is first and foremost a Tumblr tag, the tag also appeared in AO3.

No time frame for the event has ever been stated, though many fans expected the tag to die down after the season ended, however, as of November 20, 2014, the tag is still going strong.


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