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Interviews by Fans
Title: Interview with Gabi
Interviewer: Bethany
Interviewee: Gabi
Date(s): July 2015
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Hanson
External Links: July 2015 Author: Gabi – Spotlights, Archived version
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In 2015, Gabi was interviewed by Bethany for the spotlights section of her website

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"Gabi’s been around this fandom for a long time and moderates one of the only hanfic centered Facebook groups, Hanson FanFiction! Why am I just now getting around to interviewing her? No clue!

She is currently in the process of moving her hanfics, which includes such stories as Lady Madonna to Archive of Our Own account, so look there for even more to read in the near future. But first, check out her interview!"

Some Excerpts

Why did you start writing hanfic? How long have you been writing?

I’ve always loved writing, and have been writing stories since at least middle school. I started writing hanfic between junior and senior year of high school. I had read some (including the infamous Tulsa 74132 and Devil/Angel) and was hooked.

What’s your favorite genre/pairing to write and why?

I’ve always loved writing Zaylor. I’m not sure why. I’ve been writing them since the end of 2000/beginning of 2001 based on a role play I was doing at the time. While I’m okay with the fluffier ideas for their relationship, I think the more angst the better, within reason of course.

Which stories are you most proud of having written?

I like to joke that I’m proud of writing the Hancest stories that caused Hancest (and stories in general) to be banned from the Hanson community on livejournal. But I’m proud of all of my work in various ways.