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Name: Pete Ross
Occupation: student, friend, product pimper
Title/Rank: Product Placement Pete, Pete "Token" Ross
Location: Smallville and Wichita, Kansas
Status: Alive
Relationships: Bill and Abigail Ross (parents), Dale Ross (uncle), Mike Ross, Sam Ross and Mark Ross (brothers), Kathy Ross (sister)
Fandom: Smallville
Other: Portrayed by Sam Jones III.
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Pete Ross was a main character on the television show Smallville for the first three seasons, and guest appearing or mentioned in the others.


When he came back in Season 7, it was revealed that he was working with OneRepublic and that he temporary had the power of Super Elasticity due to a kryptonite-laced chewing gum.

Fannish engagement with the character

Unlike his DC Comics counterpart, who was white and would grow up to marry Lana Lang and become Vice President, Smallville Pete was black and would grow up to leave the show after only three seasons.

Not much was known about Smallville Pete, so fans frequently borrowed from DC canon when writing Smallville futurefic. Since DCU Pete ended up as Lex Luthor's Vice President, and Smallville Pete hated the Luthors bitterly, this created an interesting challenge for fic writers.

Sometimes he did end up with Lana, but he also frequently ended up with Chloe, whom he canonically had a massive crush on. There was very little Pete/Clark slash.

It was also popular to look backwards to when Pete and Clark were kids, like in Bexless's fic Super Bullet Sneeze.[1]

Fanon about the character

Notable Fanworks

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