Pastoral Scene: Landscape with Unicorn

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Title: Pastoral Scene: Landscape with Unicorn
Author(s): Sue Bursztynski
Date(s): 1986
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Pastoral Scene: Landscape with Unicorn is an Avon/Cally Blake's 7 story by Sue Bursztynski.

It was published in The Other Side #1 and reprinted in The Seven Live On #1.

Reactions and Reviews

(A/C) Oh god. Avon and Cally on a sort of neo-Celtic neo-pastoral neo-pagan planet where everyone is terribly nice and involved in childrearing. With unicorns. Avon about to make love to Cally for the first time in a long time (having been apart for unspecified plot reasons) and having a concerned telepathic conversation with her about Parental Responsibility should they conceive a child... <snort> <snigger> I'm sorry, I'm trying to take this one seriously, but I just can't. I'm sure people who like this sort of thing wd love it, but it's just not my sort of thing. [1]
"Pastoral Scene: Landscape with Unicorn". Can you picture Avon, during a fertility ritual, telepathing to Cally, who worries that she won't conceive, "but if you do, let us accept the Goddess's gift with thanks"? <<!;!>> I had to break for an Alka-Seltzer after that line. While I don't oppose a matriarchal society, I find it hard to believe that Avon would respect womankind enough to live in one. And when did Avon get religion? [2]


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