Past Grief

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Title: Past Grief
Author(s): Te
Date(s): February 2002
Genre: darkfic, futurefic
Fandom: Smallville
External Links: (archived link), Past Grief on Ao3

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Past Grief is a Smallville Clark/Lex story by Te. The author's summary is Everything changes. Te notes: Dark futurefics. I resisted the urge to write it, I really did. I just hope this gets it out of my system.

It was the first work in a series of the same name, and followed by two shorter fics Past Grief: Renewal and Past Grief: The Wrong One

Reaction and Reviews

To refresh memories, Past Grief was posted over a year ago, to a really stunned fandom. Think dropping a small asteroid into a really quiet pond and the ripples in some ways simply haven't stopped. The debates over the characterizations, the plotline, and the choice of material were huge and fascinating to everyone who followed them, and I followed pretty obsessively. As a massive influence on the fandom (A Handful of Dust can be considered almost a homage, considering I took the religious themes I saw in Past Grief and played with them quite mercilessly), it also influenced later characterizations of Clark, being a kind of grandparent to the ultradark apocalyptic angstfics that began to surface soon after its release. The themes of absolute, destructive, and really relentless love have been picked up by many and mmm. Yes.[1]
Everyone knows Te writes outstanding porn, and I really wanted to rec something of hers along that line this month. When it came down to it, though, I had to pick Past Grief, which, while admittedly very hot, is so much more. A dark AU in which Clark loses his parents, and ends up needing Lex the way that Lex needs Clark, until they become everything to each other. Until the rest of the world ceases to matter, except that it interferes, when they’ll do anything to protect and keep the other. And the boundaries fall like dominoes. And the sequel, creepy and disturbing and worth reading all of Past Grief if only just to get to it.[2]
An insidiously creepy story, in which the hollow places in Clark are filled completely by Lex's single-minded devotion, and Clark is changed forever because of it. The story left me unsettled and it lingered with me for weeks after I'd finished it. Too few stories in this fandom have that kind of distinct unique quality. This one is singular.[3]

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