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Bodie/Doyle Fanfiction
Title: Party Spirit Series
Author(s): O Yardley
Date(s): ?-1989
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Professionals
External Links: available online at the Circuit Archive under author name

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The Party Spirit Series by O Yardley is a series of twenty-six episode tag stories (about 141 pages) written during the time of The Professionals Circuit Library.

a sample page from it as a circuit story

The stories take Bodie and Doyle from just friends and partners, through fuck buddies and to a committed relationship. The series was often recommended to new fans because each story could be read as a companion piece to the aired episode that it followed.

These stories were hugely popular back in the day. Because they were a combination of hand circulated and then later published stories, collecting an entire set was often the Holy Grail for new fans. Fuck-buddy stories; stories that took their time and relished each emotional step of the way, and stories with a realistic tinge, all three were relatively rare at the time -- perhaps that's why this series was so well loved.

In 2000, O Yardley explained the series' origins:
"The Party Spirit sequence grew out of a throwaway sentence in one of Sebastian's early tales. I'm sorry I can't recall its title and haven't time to go reading through everything to find it....It was something to the effect that Doyle recalled Bodie getting drunk from time to time, kissing him and going home happy but that neither of them ever referred to its having happened."[1]

Titles in the Series

Several of the stories were published in The Hatstand Express letterzine and the The Hatstand Express Fiction Supplement. Summaries below were prepared by Cassie and Dagger in 2000. A temporary copy can be found here.

front page of "Undercover Activities" as it appeared in The Hatstand Express #19
  1. Party Spirits (Dagger: The annual CI5 Christmas party gets a bit out of hand. Bodie and Doyle end up at Doyle's apartment. [1st person - Doyle]. Cassie: Xmas party at CI5. B&D get drunk, get back at D's and go to bed. Feeling amorous, they bring each other off. The morning after, they say nothing and apparently their relationship continues as usual.)
  2. Quicksand (Dagger: After his run in with Krivas, Bodie is brooding about his murdered girlfriend. Doyle, perceptive as ever, comforts him. [Bodie]. Cassie: After "Where the Jungle Ends", D takes a most upset B home, stitches him up and puts him to bed, offering sexual comfort in a sweet and melancholy way. The morning after, they still carry on as though nothing had happened.)
  3. Loosening Up (Dagger: Doyle's feeling the effects of barely escaping ground zero. Bodie joins him and they proceed to get blissfully drunk. [Doyle]. Cassie: After "Stake Out". Belatedly shaken and shocked by their brush with the atom bomb, B&D try and relax by getting drunk. They start teasing and end up having sex again. The morning after, B tentatively asks if they should talk, but as they are both afraid of ruining the partnership, and since silence has worked so far, they still say nothing and go and spend the weekend with their respective girlfriends.)
  4. Keeping Us in Line ("Dagger: Bodie and Doyle play matchmaker for Cowley. Bodie maneuvers a night off for the injured Doyle's girlfriend and ends up washing Doyle's hair. [Bodie]. Cassie: After "Look After Annie", B&D are worried about C and try to fix him up with a girlfriend. B is also taking care of D (broken arm), secretly calling D's girlfriend to cancel D's date and spending the evening with him. They end up having sex, caught between tenderness and denying it -- and still they don't talk. All still is peachy between them -- except that their matchmaking schemes for C fail miserably!)
  5. X-Rated Area ("Dagger: Cold and wet from their swim in the reservoir, Bodie and Doyle stop off at Bodie's to get clean and dry before heading to HQ. [Doyle]. Cassie: At the end "Private Madness, Public Danger" B gropes D -- they run home to have sex, sex that every time becomes hotter and more intimate. So much so that D starts thinking about being fucked. And still, they are happy with silence. Or not? ")
  6. Wimbledon Weather ("Dagger: Hot and sweaty from chasing down the bad guys in the sweltering heat, Bodie and Doyle head over to Doyle's for a quick shower and dinner. [Bodie]. Cassie: After "Killer with a Long Arm" B&D go for a shower (it's a heat wave) and guess what happens in there? This time it is B who thinks about being fucked, and this scares him so that he practically runs away. ")
  7. Ostrich Syndrome. "Dagger: When Bodie's hands are damaged and he's abandoned by his girlfriend, it falls to Doyle to do a little nursing. [Doyle]. Cassie: After "Close Quarters". This time it is D who takes care of B (hurt hands): he takes him to bed and sucks him -- and he is so excited that he comes too, as B does. Embarassment and worry (why was I so excited?) but also a spark of happiness as B briefly alludes to what happened."
  8. Zebra Crossing (1986) - published in The Hatstand Express #12. "Dagger: Bodie over-exerts himself after leaving the hospital and the woman he's with calls Doyle to take him home and take care of him. [Bodie]. Cassie: After "Klansman", D stays at B's to take care of his convalescence. B explains his stint with prejudice (woman friend had recently been raped by black man). They go to bed but B is still unwell so they just cuddle. Still no talking. "
  9. Hang-Up (1986) - published in The Hatstand Express #13. "Dagger: Doyle's distressed after killing a man and being cooped up in the office. When Cowley gives them three days off, Bodie drags Doyle into the country for a little hang gliding. [Doyle]. Cassie: After "The Rack", B takes D in the country to cheer him up. He manages even if D relapses into gloom as B finds a girl (they never stopped having girlfriends) but cheers again as they have it off during a picnic. "
  10. Teddy Bear (1986) - published in The Hatstand Express #13. "Dagger: Doyle's been beat up and Bodie rescues him from the tender mercies of the hospital staff, taking him home with him. [Bodie]. Cassie: After "Man Without a Past", B takes care of D, worried as they keep getting hurt and are not getting any younger either. Moved, B puts D to bed and they suck each other off. They almost get to talking but they back off once again. "
  11. Jay Walking (1986) - published in The Hatstand Express Fiction Supplement #7. "Dagger: Bodie's been among the walking wounded since Marikka's death and Doyle's had enough. He decides to wake Bodie up and give him something to live for. [Doyle]. Cassie: After "Fall Girl", B is withdrawn and depressed, and D is worried. D tries to make it better, goes to bed with him and lets B fuck him. D discovers he is emotionally involved, but is scared of letting B know so after the sex he leaves. "
  12. Yellow Streak (1986) - published in The Hatstand Express Fiction Supplement #7. "Dagger: Bodie's flat is still filled with bomb disposal personnel, so he goes to Doyle's. Still partly deaf, they yell at each other while unpacking Doyle's stuff. [Bodie].Cassie: After "The Purging of CI5". B is debating whether they should talk of what is happening between them, and worried in case D wants him to reciprocate and be fucked. In the end, they go to bed again - no fucking - and still don't talk. "
  13. Visiting Hours "Dagger: Bodie's being conspicuous in his absence and Doyle suspects a new girlfriend. Doyle follows him and finds him spending time with Frances Cottingham and walking her mother's dogs. [Doyle]. Cassie: After "A Hiding to Nothing". D feels dirty at having to seduce the hostess; B feels sorry for Frances and goes to visit her, and accepts to walk his pekinese dogs. D goes with him - funny scene as he gets bitten. That night D stays over, wanting to talk or to kiss (havent done it yet) but he doesnt (scared to drive B off talking of involvement) - they just have sweet sex and pretend nothing has happened. "
  14. Dam Burst."Dagger: Still running on adrenaline after nearly being blown up, Bodie and Doyle get drunk and celebrate being alive, together. [Bodie]. Cassie: After "Fugitive" both B&D are shaken and shocked by almost dying. D confesses to B how scared he was that B might die and that they should go together. B is shocked and delighted at realizing D cares, but he says nothing, just takes D to bed for sex."
  15. Escape Route - published in The Hatstand Express #15. "Dagger: Feeling bad about the Ann Holly incident, Bodie wines and dines Doyle, offering to equalize their relationship. Bodie's self-image is shaken by the previous evenings events and he ends up running out the next morning. [Doyle]. Cassie: After "Involvement". D had been most upset when B did not respond to his acknowledgement of caring, so he had tried to find someone who could respond, that being Ann. After that, B is very nice to him, then takes him home, offers him a romantic dinner and they go to bed. B asks to be fucked but he doesnt like it; he rebuffs D's attempt to talk and the next morning goes to a girlfriend's. "
  16. Romantic It Ain't - published in The Hatstand Express #15. "Dagger: Doyle's still angry at Bodie, but they've been separated on assignment and missing each other. Bodie talks about his childhood. [Bodie]. Cassie: After "Takeaway". D is bearing a grudge because B run away after the last time, and B is feeling jealous when Esther appears (but also insecure over his masculinity; they finally declare a truce and go out for dinner. They end up in bed again; this time they start to talk, but it is mostly to deny that things are serious - just fun sex. There are tiny slips though: and D ends up saying, to B's wonder, that he, D, did enjoy being fucked and might like a repeat. "
  17. No Gentleness - published in The Hatstand Express #15. "Dagger: Bodie's been morose all day, causing Doyle to feel guilty for going out with a woman Bodie was interested in. Bodie's feeling excessively frustrated and is in no mood to be gentle. [Doyle]. Cassie: After "Bloodsports". B is very quiet and gentle with D, and when they have sex B is so hot that he fucks D hard. He is very repentant afterwards, and D has to reassure him it was good: D is now admitting his feelings to himself and seeing them also in B's eyes, even though they are still unspoken. "
  18. Sweeter Than Wine (1987) - published in The Hatstand Express Fiction Supplement #8. "Dagger: Overcome with emotion at the thought of losing Doyle, Bodie finally does what he's been wanting to do for ages. He kisses Doyle for the first time. [Bodie]. Cassie: After "Slush Funds". B congratulates himself on the expediency of the situation with D - no strings, no problems, hot sex - then the evening after D has been in danger B breaks down and cries. They kiss (at last) and have sweet sex. They talk about the possible reaction of their families (neither of which was good) if they knew what they do together. Then B cuts the talk by kissing again. "
  19. False Heroics (1987) - published in The Hatstand Express Fiction Supplement #8. "Dagger: Feeling annoyed and unappreciated by their girlfriends, Bodie and Doyle commiserate with each other and work off their frustrations. [Doyle]. Cassie: After "A Weekend in the Country". D is now fully conscious of his feelings for B, and girls are becoming a chore. After the siege is over the two girls complain that B&D were not heroic enough, and B tells D that it is so much better and uncomplicated between them. At that point, D starts to be hopeful and decides no more girls: time to go after B seriously. "
  20. Beneath Your Station - published in The Hatstand Express #16. "Dagger: Simmering with anger at Doyle for days, Bodie finally loses his cool on a subway. In the midst of his tirade he actually starts thinking and realizes what lies at the root of his anger; he loves Doyle. [Bodie]. Cassie: After "It's Only a Beautiful Picture". B is jealous and suddenly realizes - while they are in the crowded underground - his feelings for D. That evening they have sex and B does not fuck D because now he wants to be able to reciprocate first. They are almost getting to talk, but the phone rings and C summons them. "
  21. Cooperation Guaranteed - published in The Hatstand Express #17. "Dagger: Bodie's feeling a little depressed at having been so wrong about an old friend. Doyle, more than slightly jealous, cheers him up and gets him to talk about it. [Doyle]. Cassie: After "Kickback". B is depressed because his friend Keller turned out bad. B&D go home and make love, and acknowledgement is getting closer."
  22. In for a Penny - published in The Hatstand Express #17. "Dagger: Terrified at the thought of losing Doyle, Bodie breaks down and finally confesses his feelings, almost. Doyle reciprocates, almost. [Bodie]. Cassie: After "Discovered in a Graveyard". B is so scared by D's being shot that he fully realizes he is in love. B takes care of D as he gets home from hospital; one night all the fear gets out and B panics then cries then tries to tell D he loves him, but it comes out a little garbled and unwilling-sounded, so D is equally unclear. They make love and all seems well. "
  23. Mushroom System - published in The Hatstand Express Fiction Supplement #9. "Dagger: Fed up with Bodie's behavior and hurt by something Bodie said, Doyle decides it's time to clear the air, once and for all. [Doyle]. Cassie: After "Untouchables". All should be well, but the half-explanation B&D had is making the relationship rock. They end up having a row, the uncertanties come out: they now state clearly their love, promise to stay together exclusively and that they will work on B's problem (can't get fucked) - starting immediately. "
  24. Any Way You Like It - published in The Hatstand Express #18. "Dagger: Doyle's miserable and, in an effort to cheer him up, Bodie takes him out to dinner at a restaurant where they can be a couple, where they conquer Bodie's last barrier. [Bodie]. Cassie: After "No Stone". D is depressed so B takes him to dinner and then they make love. Finally B lets himself get fucked and all is well. "
  25. Gay Sir Galahad (1987) - published in The Hatstand Express Fiction Supplement #10. "Dagger: Bodie's been acting big brotherly toward the woman they're protecting, which Doyle finds very sweet. They discuss the necessity of telling Cowley about their relationship. [Doyle]. Cassie: After "Cry Wolf". D is happy at B not profiting from the girl he has to look after. They are now settled in married domesticity, hot fucking and practical jokes with plastic spiders. They decide to tell C about their relationship. "
  26. Undercover Activities (1989) - - published in The Hatstand Express #19. "Dagger: Bodie and Doyle reveal their relationship to Cowley who promptly demands their resignation. Returning from an afternoon of relaxation they find Cowley on their doorstep with an intriguing idea for an new venture. [Bodie]. Cassie: After "Spy Probe". B&D tell C about their relationship. C is quite disgusted and fires them: but later on C goes to them and proposes them to set up a private security agency that can work in coordination with CI5 in kidnapping cases and the like. B&D accept - it is also safer - and all is well. Happy End."

Recs and Reviews

Unknown Date

There are 26 stories which follow the episodes of The Professionals rather closely and show the burgeoning sexual relationship of Bodie and Doyle as they go from platonic partners to occasional fuck buddies to a close and loving serious relationship. I love the way this is done and it remains one of my favourite Professionals stories. Perhaps it's because it's one of the first things I read in this fandom that the Party Spirit series holds such a special place in my heart.[2]


The "Party Spirits" series I initially found somewhat frustrating because the lads' relationship seemed to be going nowhere fast, but I've now come to value these stories quite highly, because like in real life, sometimes things don't go smoothly and enduring relationships take a while to forge. [3]


- "Party Spirit" was sent to me, complete. I was impressed too. Even more so than RGB's "Waiting to Fall." This fits between various episodes. The finesse here is that each story stands alone, yet all present one long tale, each contributing toward a conclusion. My only "gripe" (and it's not a big one) is that the conclusion isn't too conclusive. It's left up in the air a bit and the reader has to assume a lot. Perhaps the series was meant to be added to. [4]

1994 favorite examples of good PWPs are (in Pros) the Party Spirit series, where in 25 short scenes a complex relationship is charted--even though each individual story is little more than a sex scene--and (in B7!) the Game of Tag series from Oblique, in which each character behaves totally characteristically, and there's even some character developement and change... A good PWP can be like a miniature portrait, with exquisite detail and revealing personality--a bad one is more like a pornographic cartoon...[5]

1996 many of the goodie oldies are faded, missing pages, hard to find. How many of us were able to get a complete copy of O Yardley's "Party Spirit" series the first time we wanted one? Those who live near a fan with a complete collection are lucky (I think of LA and Lily -- the mother of Pros -- and wonder how I can get her to move here).[6]


ProsLibのCD版にのみ収録されているOYardleyのPartySpiritsシリーズを読了。 推薦作でありながら自分の感覚とはちょっと外れている作品が続いていたこともありちょっと臆病になっていたんですが、これは良かったです。 1編はそう長くない、26話に渡るシリーズもの。 各話が本編エピの後日談という設定で1作ごとにドイル視点、ボーディ視点と交互に入れ替わり綴られています。[7]


[Beneath Your Station]: Two days after It's Only A Beautiful Picture, and Bodie finds himself still angry with his partner. Of all the places he could choose to have the argument – he picks the tube. O.Yardley has a real talent with the lads and their dialogue, I adore her. This stands alone, but is part of a beautifully long series... [8]


All who have watched the series try to guess when they started the deeper side of their relationship, O'Yarley does just that. Using the eps as backdrops, she shows us behind the scenes what could be happening. Back in the day this story was dealt out over several years as fans waited for the next installment to be mailed to them. You don't have to wait that long! I have put chapters 2-26 under the cut:) See ya all on the flip flop![9]


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