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Name: Pat Spath
Alias(es): P. Spath, Patricia Spath
Type: fan writer, zine ed
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS, Science Fiction Fandom
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Pat Spath was a Star Trek: TOS fan active in the 1970s and '80s. She was the editor of Antithesis, a TOS anthology, and Bifrost, a science fiction anthology.

Spath frequently published her own fiction in Antithesis, and one of her stories appears in Fesarius, Issue #4 in 1979.

After the publication of the first issue of Antithesis in 1978, fan writers Fern Marder and Carol Walske, perceived similarities between Spath's fiction and their own shared universe, Nu Ormenel. Though they accepted Spath's assertion that any similarities were coincidental, they took the opportunity to assert copyright claim over their material in a personal statement in the TOS reviewzine Scuttlebutt (Issue #7):

""There is a relatively new fanzine available, called Antithesis, which deals with the Klingon Empire. The first issue contains material by the zine's editor, P. Spath, which bears close resemblance to details of our Klingon series, Nu Ormenel. We have been assured by Ms. Spath that these similarities are purely coincidental and that she has drawn her material from other sources and her imagination. We are willing to accept her word for this. In view of this situation, however, we would like to make a few comments with reference to the 'Nu Ormenel' material. All works in the 'Nu Ormenel' series have been copyrighted to us, either directly or through the editors of the fanzines in which they appeared. Therefore, the use by any other authors of any 'Nu Ormenel' data about Klingons, our characters, original vocabulary, and proper names, is an infringement of our copyright and will be dealt with accordingly."