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Title: Bifrost
Publisher: Antithesis Publications and Southern Circle Press (SCP)
Editor(s): Pat Spath
Date(s): 1985
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Science Fiction Fandom
Language: English
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Bifrost is a Science Fiction zine.

From a flyer in Imperium #2:
There have been some changes, both major and minor — but the most important thing hasn't changed. Thanks to a staff and contributors who believed that Bifrost could be reborn, and worked to achieve it, SCP's Bifrost has managed to keep the high quality achieved by the original Antithesis' Bifrost.

Issue 1

Bifrost 1 was published in Summer 1985 and contains 108 pages.

a flyer for issue #1
  • The Lazarus Trick by John B. Rosenman ("Tommy Starr has a friend his father doesn't approve of—but his father's reasons are minor compared to what they could be. Tommy's friend Mark isn't just different, he's different ... and the government wants to use him.")
  • Exotic Loves: Variations on a Theme by Bob Warner ("Saying too much about this triad of unconventional, bittersweet romances would be a disservice to the reader, so — the subtitles; 'Love is Not Enough'; 'The Mating Season'; and 'The Moment of Forever'.")
  • Stand on a Lonely Hill by Phillip Harmon ("What if the TV preachers aren't quite right about Judgment Day? Those who serve God go to Heaven, those who serve Evil go to Hell . . . but what about those who serve neither?")
  • other stories by Colleen Drippé, T. E. Jordon, Michael Nicholas Richard, Jayne Clary, and Ann Wilson. Plus poetry, book reviews, movie column, and more.

Issue 2

Bifrost 2 was published in 1985 and contains 84 pages.

Issue 3

Bifrost 3 was published in Winter 1985 and contains 105 pages.

Issue 4

Bifrost 4 was published in Spring 1986 and contains 100 pages.