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Title: Oziana
Publisher: International Wizard of Oz Club
Date(s): 1971-present
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Wizard of Oz
Language: English
External Links: http://ozclub.org/oziana/
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Oziana is a gen Wizard of Oz anthology of articles and art. This zine was published by the International Wizard of Oz Club. They describe this magazine as follows:

"Oziana is the creative magazine of the International Wizard of Oz Club, featuring the best in new Oz short fiction and poetry. Each annual issue contains at least three original stories, fully illustrated in black and white, and a colorful cover." "The Oz Club launched the magazine in 1971 as a way for members to share their fictional work. It thus appeared near the beginning of the “fan fiction” movement (back when this form of writing was called “pastiche”). There have been at least 44 issues published annually.

Oziana 1 was published in 1971.

Oziana 2 was published in 1972 and contains 24 pages.

Oziana 3 was published in 1973 and contains 24 pages.

Oziana 4 was published in 1974 and contains 24 pages.

Oziana 5 was published in 1975 and contains 30 pages. On the cover: "They Were Flying over THE RAINBOW BRIDGE."

Oziana 6 was published in 1976 and contains 24 pages. It contains the OZ Alphabet by Eubank.

Oziana 7 was published in 1977. Contents include "A Map for Ruth Plumly Thompson", poetry by Ruth Berman; "Two Friendships" by Stanley Worden; "Glinda and the Red Jinn" by Robert R. Pattrick; "What If They Had Taken the Other Path?" by Jay Delkin; and more. Black and white art throughout.

Oziana 8 was published in 1978 and contains 32 pages.

Oziana 9 was published in 1979. Includes "Gloma (The Wishing Horse of Oz)" by Ruth Berman.

Oziana 10 was published in 1980.

Oziana 11 was published in 1981.

Oziana 12 was published in 1982.

Oziana 13 was published in 1983.

Oziana 14 was published in 1984.

Oziana 15 was published in 1985.

Oziana 16 was published in 1986.

Oziana 17 was published in 1987.

Oziana 18 was published in 1988. (Not seen, but was almost certainly published on the annual schedule.)

Oziana 19 was published in 1989.

Oziana 20 was published in 1990. (Not seen, but was almost certainly published on the annual schedule.)

Oziana 21 was published in 1991.

Oziana 22 was published in 1992.

Oziana 23 was published in 1993.

Oziana 24 was published in 1994.

Oziana 25 was published in 1995.

Oziana 26 was published in 1996.

Oziana 27 was published in 1997.

Oziana 28 was published in 1998.

Oziana 29 was published in 1999.

Oziana 30 was published in 2000.

Oziana 31 was published in 2001.

Oziana 32 was published in 2002.

Oziana 33 was published in 2003.

Oziana 34 was published in 2004.

Oziana 35 was published in 2005.

Oziana 36 was published in 2006.

Oziana 37 was published in 2009. There was nearly a 3-year break in the publication schedule here, although they try to make that up between 2011 and 2012.

Oziana 38 was published in 2011, and contains 40 pages. It is also referred to as Oziana 2008, although the cover shows "Oziana 38".

As of issue #39, the issues were primarily referred to just by publication year, and that is all that appears on the covers, with no issue numbers. It appears that many issues, if not all, referred to themselves internally by their relative issue number.

Oziana 2009/2010 was re-published in 2012, as a second edition, in a dos-a-dos format, with covers on each side. The total page length is 40 pages. We do not know if they were published as separate publications in those years, or whether it was only published as a double issue. The publication date for issue #38 implies a disruption in the publication schedule.

Oziana 2011 was published in 2011, and contains 48 pages.

Oziana 2012 was published in 2012, and contains 48 pages.

Oziana 2013 was published in 2013, and contains 56 pages.

Oziana 2014 was published in 2014, and contains 40 pages. This is also referred to internally as issue #44.

Oziana 2015 was published in 2015, and contains 40 pages.

Oziana 2016 was published in 2016, celebrates the 100th anniversary of Baum's 10th Oz novel, and contains 90 pages.

Oziana 2017 is expected in Dec. 2017.