Our Dark Lady of Forever Knight

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Name: Our Dark Lady of Forever Knight
Date(s): 1999? - 2001
Archivist: Chanda Keith
Founder: Chanda Keith
Type: faction site
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: (archived)
Index page of the Our Dark Lady of Forever Knight website.
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[1]Our Dark Lady of Forever Knight was a faction site for the Ravenettes, the fans affiliated with the character Janette DuCharme (from the TV series Forever Knight). It comprised the major part of Chanda Keith's website, though a small section had personal material.

Site Contents

The site is divided in focus between Janette; the actress who portrayed her, Deborah Duchêne; and Janette's nightclub, the Raven, and its employees. It includes:

  • a biography of Janette
  • a plot summary of the Season Three episode, "The Human Factor" (in which Janette returns to Toronto having become mortal), and a page of fan comments on it;
  • a page of fan comments on why they liked Janette as a character;
  • a biography of Deborah Duchêne;
  • information on how to join the actress's fan club;
  • Valerie Lynn Meachum's review of a performance of A Winter's Tale in which Duchêne had just appeared;
  • a description of the Raven, with pages for two minor characters associated with it, Miklos and Alma;
  • a small screen capture archive;
  • a sound capture archive (some of which were made by Laura W. Petix);
  • a library of fan fiction about Janette, written by various authors.

Fan Fiction

The following fan fiction is archived on the website:

Site History

Our Dark Lady of Forever Knight was created at http://www.public.usit.net/ckeith/Janette.html when Chanda Keith was a sophomore at university. The site was first recorded by the Internet Archive in January 1999, and remained essentially unchanged at least until August 2001, after which it disappeared.

The archived version of the site is unusually complete for its date. A few screen captures are missing along with the sound captures; and one or two sections of some of the longer multi-part stories were not recorded.


  1. This information is largely taken from the article "Our Dark Lady of Forever Knight" in the Forever Knight Wiki.