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Name: Miklos
Occupation: bartender (at the Raven nightclub)
Location: Toronto (at present)
Status: uncertain
Relationships: Janette DuCharme (employer)
Fandom: Forever Knight
Other: speaks with an accent

Miklos (from "A Fate Worse than Death")
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[1]Miklos is a fictional character that is a recurring role in the second season of the television series, Forever Knight. The part was played by Earl Pastko. Miklos is a bartender at Janette DuCharme's nightclub, the Raven, and in her confidence.

Character Evolution

Miklos only actually appeared in three episodes, all in the first half of Season Two. He was introduced in that season's second episode, "A Fate Worse than Death", as the bartender at the Raven, and was clearly aware of the nature of the club as a vampire haunt.

A few episodes later in "Bad Blood", a vampire-hunting Interpol officer, Chief Inspector Liam O'Neal, visits the Raven and starts to interrogate the staff. During a struggle with Miklos, O'Neal lays a cross on his forehead before being thrown out of the club.

A third appearance, in "Forward into the Past", is very brief; and the character did not appear again.

Fan Response

Miklos's accent has prompted fans to posit an Eastern European origin. A number of countries have been suggested, including Greece as well as several of the Balkan states. As someone who might come from Transylvania, Miklos has occasionally been tied tangentially into the history of the real Vlad Dracul and his family.

A few fans have posited an attraction between Miklos and Janette (perhaps more on his side than hers).


Miklos-Focused Factions

The faction of fans affiliated with Miklos call themselves Mikies. In addition some of the Dark Perkulators created a small couple faction, the Raven's Cellar, for fans who like the Tracy/Miklos relationship.

Vampire or Not?

Miklos's appearances are ambiguous; and there has therefore been some controversy over the best way to interpret the evidence regarding his status: is Miklos a vampire or not?

Gillian Horvath, who created the character when she scripted "A Fate Worse than Death", has stated publicly that she intended Miklos to be a vampire. However, events in "Bad Blood" (scripted by James Johnston) provide contradictory evidence: the cross that O'Neal lays on Miklos's forehead leaves no mark, even though the vampires of Forever Knight always burn at the touch of religious objects.

Many fans prefer to accept Horvath's intentions as canon, and come up with ad hoc explanations for the events in "Bad Blood": the cross was only in contact with his skin for a second or two; he grimaced (in pain?) as it was pressed against him; he may be an extremely old vampire and hence not affected by crosses. It should be noted, however, that there is no actual support in the televised episodes for the conjecture that ancient vampires possess an immunity to religious objects; and, on screen, vampires touched by crosses burn instantly. Miklos's vampire status is more accurately described as fanon.

Fan Fiction

Miklos is often written into scenes at the Raven, but only in the same supporting role he had in the actual series. Stories focusing on Miklos are rare. However, in the following fan fiction he has a major role:


  1. Much of this material is taken from the article "Miklos" in the Forever Knight Wiki.