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Synonyms: Otoge,乙女ゲーム
See also: Visual Novel, dating sim, Interactive Fiction, Eroge
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Otome game is a term for (usually Japanese or Japanese-inspired) games that have a female protagonist and a "focus on developing a relationship with one or more male characters."[1]. However, today indie creators may call dating sims 'otomes' even if the do not have a female protagonist or male love interests, provided that the focus is still on developing a relationship.

Popular otome game fandoms include Mystic Messenger and Hatoful Boyfriend. Some fans create games featuring characters from their favorite media, such as in the case of Fate/Otome.

Game mechanics usually involve making choices over the course of the story to influence how your main character acts. Games usually include 'Good' endings as well as 'Normal' or 'Bad' endings. Sometimes, choices will play a role in which characters you become able to romance, sometimes they help determine what ending you get, and sometimes they are only cosmetic and do not affect the course of the story.

Though originally only available on computers and consoles, there is a new popularity of otome games available as mobile games, sometimes featuring micro-transactions to allow users to unlock additional content or characters. Many mobile otome games have adopted gacha mechanics, where a luck based system is used to unlock short stories about the characters or special character art (usually in the form of 'cards').

Where to find Otomes

  • Steam
  • Itch.io (generally games by indie creators)

Examples of Otome games with notable fandoms


White Butterfly is one of the fan blogs reviewing otome games.


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