Only Happy When It Rains

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Title: Only Happy When It Rains
Creator: Media Cannibals (Sandy Herrold, Gwyn)
Date: 1998
Format: VCR Vid
Length: circa 3:25 min
Music: Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage
Genre: Character Study
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: This vid is not currently available on-line, see Media Cannibals Tape 3 for more information.

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Only Happy When It Rains was an excellent pimping tool; it was the first vid that Kass ever saw, and remembering it (12 years later) she writes, "I didn't know what a vid was, and I wasn't entirely sure what 'fandom' was, but I remember thinking that this song said something to me about Fox Mulder and brought some aspects of his character into sharp and occasionally hilarious relief."

One of the vidders, Gwyn, remembers:

That was where Sandy was teaching me how to drive the vcrs so I could learn to push the buttons [...]
After we finished the first draft, she taped over the master. She was afraid to tell me for a while, probably thinking I would go medieval on her ass, but in the end I was just more frustrated than angry because I couldn't for the life of me remember some of the clips we'd put in and knew I couldn't re-create it. So we started doing something after that one -- always made an "in progress" copy of the vid, which sometimes was high-larious because you used to have to lay down "waste video" when you recorded the song onto one of the stereo tracks. [1]

The vid inspired Xanthe's story Beautiful Mulder. In the author's notes, she writes, "I've overdosed on "beautiful, tragic Mulder and his demons" stories recently. Here's my, uh, homage to them... Nobody should take offence at this - this is a BADFIC. // Song lines totally inspired by Gwyneth and Sandy's wonderful music vid on one of the Media Cannibals tapes."[2]

Other Comments

  • "this song has captured me. I first heard it in a Media Cannibals songvid - entirely appropriate Mulder moments, too. I can't remember what my first impression was, nor my second, but enough times through the tape and I was rewinding just for the one vid."[3]


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