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Mailing List
Name: One Good Day
Date(s): 2001 - present
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
URL: One Good Day
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One Good Day, often known as OGD, is an adult Yahoo! mailing list for BtVS fans. The list focused on the character Spike and his relationship with Buffy. List members came for the porn, but stayed for the Naked Chocolate Spike. It was most active in 2001 to 2004. As of November 2012, it has nearly 400 members.

The profile states:

Looking for a great place to talk to other fans of the Spike/Buffy relationship? Are chocolate and naked Spike thoughts in your head at all times? Wanna read some of the best S/B fics on the net?

I thought so. *grin*

Finally back on yahoogroups is OGD, the home of snoopy dancing and naked Spikes. So, come on and join us at our new home!

You must be at least 18 to join, due to some adult content.

WARNING: This list is not Angel or Riley friendly. While we have nothing against the actual actors, we frown upon any relationships with Buffy or Spike that aren't with each other.


  • Role-Playing
  • Reading, writing and commenting on Buffy/Spike
  • Naked Riley Torture

Prominent Members

  • Tracy
  • Isabelle
  • ...