Office Discipline

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Title: Office Discipline
Author(s): Radthea
Date(s): pre-May 1996
Genre: slash
Fandom: The X-Files
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Office Discipline is a Mulder/Skinner BDSM fic by Radthea.

Original Header

The first part of this is a repost. The remainder is new. Warning, Danger Will Robinson! This is outright and up front NC-17. M/M consensual, M/F consensual and M/F/M consensual. It is a slash story. It features sex in a variety of different combinations, lovingly rendered with all the glee that we could deliver. If you are under 18, easily offended, or dislike this sort of thing, this is not the place to be. Everyone else welcome.

Mulder, Scully and Skinner are all property of Ten-Thirteen, Chris Carter and Fox. No infringement intended.

You folks get a leader while you decide if you want to move on to something else. After that, it's every reader for his or herself.


I've been reading all the Mulder/Scully romances and the Magaret/Skinner romances and I'm sorry, the scenario I've got here is just as likely as Scully falling into Mulder's arms and fluttering her eyebrows and muttering "Oh Fox. . .be gentle with me." That said, this is not really serious, but it is definitely porn. Have fun.

Reactions and Reviews


There's only one virgin Mulder story I could ever see, but it nearly had me in tears of laughter - Radthea's Office Discipline, but it's Skinner who shows him the ropes, not Scully <G>. Only credible virgin combo I could see for the whole show, now that I think about it. [1]
I'll own that I kept copies of Office Discipline and Authority and In The Shadows for under-the-bed reading. They were all wildly fantasized which may be one reason they repelled me less. There was never any pretense that rape and love are similar or the same. Office Discipline always coasted along the line and, to my mind, never went over it. There were always options. [2]


I was thinking the other night about how, well, jaded I've become regarding NC-17 fanfic since my introduction to the genre about two years ago. Used to be, I was pretty easy to *ahem* satisfy ("Hey! This story has boinking!"), whereas now I find that I'm a bit more demanding. ("Boinking, boinking, where's my freaking plot?!") That got me thinking about the first slash piece I ever read, (Initial reaction: "People write this on purpose?!") and I was trying to find it and re-read it.

Now comes the problem. I can't remember much of anything about it. At first, I thought it was the screamingly funny "Office Discipline," so I went back and reread that. But the more I think about it, the more certain I become that the piece I'm looking for only has certain similarities to "OD." For instance, it definitely opened with Mulder in Skinner's office getting reamed on the desk, but I think it was after-hours, and I think the over-all tone of the piece was serious, unlike "OD." [3] [4]


... "Office Discipline," a huge piece of mind candy if ever there was one... [5]


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