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"OH JOHN RINGO NO" is a phrase coined by David Hines during reading of John Ringo's Paladin of Shadows series (2005-13). The phrase become a popular catchphrase and meme used to point out misogyny.


It was first introduced during the review Books to make my flist's heads explode: John Ringo by David Hines.

I do, however, have a finely-tuned defense mechanism: whenever something trips my circuit breaker, causing me to cringe away from the page, I utter aloud a cry that resets my noggin. You will probably need it yourself, so I provide it here, as a public service: "OH JOHN RINGO NO."[1].



The phrase spread through the internet with several contexts related to bad writing[2] and misogyny.


In April 2008, The Open-Source Boob Project led to wide-spread fannish adoption of the phrase to refer to blatant misogyny by a person or fictional character:

Thanks to this whole "Open Source" debate, I've learned a new catchphrase: OH JOHN RINGO NO. And now I've become aware of the source. [3]

It was also used as a tag for misogyny and homophobia[4] as well as a meme and catchphrase[5] in Journalfen community Unfunnybusiness.

An alternate usage specific to DC Universe fandom was "OH FRANK MILLER NO," perhaps due to both authors' use of hypermasculine heroes and prostitute heroines. From a 2008 essay:

When characters of color are written out or killed, when female characters are treated in gender-specific derogatory ways (such as making the majority of female characters prostitutes, thus giving rise to the Frank Miller test)... [6]


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