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Journal Community
Name: Unfunny Business
Date(s): August 2007-present
Moderator: melannen, pyratejenni, sashenka
Type: meta
Fandom: multifandom
URL: unfunnybusiness comm at JF

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Unfunnybusiness is a Fandom Wank spin-off community for topics that are more rage-inducing than funny, or that merit more serious discussion. Posts do not have to relate to fandom. It was formed in August 2007[1] after ongoing complaints that various discussions about misogyny and racism being reported on Fandom Wank were not actually wanks[2], nor were they funny.

The assertion that some topics simply aren't funny represents a fairly major shift in opinion on the part of the fandom_wank crowd, which occurred somewhere around 2005.


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  2. For example, News and Notes by zvi, Aug. 4, 2007, and later, Wanking Fandom, Saving the World by Same Old Hope, Nov. 21, 2007.