Never ask me whose

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Title: Never ask me whose
Author(s): Naraht
Date(s): 26 January 2013
Length: 4986 words
Genre: futurefic
Fandom: Mary Renault
External Links: archived on AO3

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"Never ask me whose" is a short story by Naraht based on Mary Renault's 1953 novel The Charioteer. It is set a few months after the novel during the latter part of the London Blitz.


After Laurie has been killed in an Easter air raid on Bridstow, Ralph feels compelled to come to London and tell Andrew in person. After he takes in the fact that this is not the "Ralph" he had previously met, the two go down to the village to attend the funeral. Afterwards, they spend the night at the cottage together.


The story is the first part of Naraht's Incendiary series, which continues in "Quaker faith and practice".


Comments included the following:

  • "[...] This story won't let me rest easy - the hallmark of a very good writer." — comment by fawatson
  • "I like this a lot, I think they have very interesting dynamic, very different then it was with Laurie, less sweet, perhaps, but more honest. I rather hope that they'll be good for each other." — comment by zeen
  • "I like your Ralph, conflicted and miserable as ever - he loses a lot with Laurie, and perhaps his best chance of happiness. But your Andrew is marvellous; he feels so right, clear-sighted and prickly and awkward and at the same time so blind to all sorts of things." — comment by wychwood
  • "Ralph at the start...gritting his teeth, but doing his duty. It's sadly funny, really. He would feel that he had to come and tell Andrew in person, wouldn't he? From there, of course, it's inevitable that the two of them would rub each other the wrong way, up until the point where (unwittingly) they find that they are rubbing each other the right way." — comment by greerwatson